Disney Princess Group :)

Disney Princess Group :)

Join this group if you like Disney Princesses! :) Enjoy your time here and adding any disney princess related stuff you like^^ Also; Happy Holidays! :D

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Welcome to the first ever Disney Princess blingee group! All princess fans are welcome!

For Disney Princesses and Once Upon a Time blingees are welcome too :)

Even non-human/mermaid disney princesses are allowed, and non-disney versions of the regular princesses. But, we should try to stick to mostly offishal (like, according to the princess section on disney's website XD) disney princess type princess stuff, though :) Ehh, you can include Kida (from antlantus) and Sofia (from sofia the first), too XD I say they count, even if the site doesn't include them. They are both princesses and of disney anyways :)

If too many non-disney princess blingees are posted i'll probably have to delete them. Just sayin'.

I guess i'll allow some pricilla smith blingees now too but maybe not too many of them since they aren't really disney princess related? I hope I worded that right!..lol xD; I also hope the 'xD;' isn't rude cuz the end of the sentence didn't look quite right without it^^;


This is awesome :)
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I kinda deleted some of the blingees added here
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Aqua Ball Water
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there is Frozen Water!
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wow how about this one?
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