★ ѳtɑku ɑɳɗ ѳtѳɱɛ ɗiɑʀiɛร - ɱy ɑɳiɱɛ wѳʀʆɗ ★

★ ѳtɑku ɑɳɗ ѳtѳɱɛ ɗiɑʀiɛร - ɱy ɑɳiɱɛ wѳʀʆɗ ★

Otakus and Otomes, welcome!! Here we will have much fun and chance to make new friends. All anime, vocaloid, games and manga are welcome here =^.^=

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★ мαиgα αиd αиiмє αяє мy lifє! ★
  For me, anime are not a simlpe cartoon.
  For me, manga are not simple stories which have images.
  Be otaku or otome is a life style.
  We want show for the world what is really good and precious, what can teach and change the people, what can be romantic, scary or dramatic.
  Anime and manga are our feelings with life, it say all, it means hide words.
 ★ I αм ρяσυdy fσя bє αи σтαkυ ★
 ★ I αм ρяσυdy fσя bє αи σтσмє ★

  ★ wɛʆcѳɱɛ ɗɛɑʀ ѳtɑkuร ɑɳɗ ѳtѳɱɛร ★


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