░▓ ♥►Nintendo Fans◄♥▓░

░▓ ♥►Nintendo Fans◄♥▓░

·•●*´For all Fans from Nintendo & His Charakters and all who want to be :D`*●•·˙

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♪ d◕‿◕b ♪we αre ɢαмer,  ɴoт вecαυѕe we doɴ'т нαve α lιғe вυт we cнooѕe тo нαve мαɴy♪ d◕‿◕b ♪

ヽ(◉◡◔)ノ ¯`·._.·[WELCOME IN THE GROUP]·._.·´¯ ヽ(◉◡◔)ノ 


-No perverse or naked Blingees
-No downvoting !!!
-only Blingee with Videogamecharacter's

soo that's all rules ^^

♪ d◕‿◕b ♪HAVE FUN IN THE GROUP♪ d◕‿◕b ♪

A little list of Nintendo game's:

~> Pokemon
~> Mario Bros.
~> The Legend of Zelda
~> Metroid
~> Mario Kart
~> SSB
~> Ice Climber
~> Kid Icarus
~> Animal Crossing
~> Tetris
~> Star Fox
~> Fire Emblem
~> Kirby's Dreamland
~> Bomberman
~> Mario Party
~> Pikmin
~> Big Brain Academy
~> Wii Sports
~> Mario Galaxy
~> Xenoblade Chronicles
~> The Last Story
~> Devils Third

The Game's in the list are only example's,of course you can add any Blingee with a Nintendo Character on it!!

If you have any questions, ask me :)


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