The club of Princess Peach Lovers! (aka biggest fans)

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Hi!Its Peach Fan-Club!!!

Join now here if u are an Princess Peach Lover!And start submiting Blingees now!^^

You can submint Blingees with Princess Peach,but the Blingees have to respect this rules:

1.No submint porn or another ugly thing.
2.No submint Blingees without Princess Peach.
3.If you see a fight on the group,notify me:

4.You can submint Blingees with couples with the Princess Daisy,but you no can submint lesbian couples,etc...
5.No submint Blingees of Princess Peach against Princess Daisy or another character.
6.No submint Blingees as Peach vs (Mario Universe character).

If you see someone in the group than NO respect the rules of the group,notify me.I can resolve the problem for no get other problem.

Bye and have a good day!

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Im Princess Peach's ONLY REAL #1 BIGGEST FAN
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