my celebrity forever

my celebrity forever

this group is going to be active. Each week you will have a celebrity and a theme. Then you will make a blingee with that person.

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Welcome to my celebrity forever group!! You will sign up for a particular celebrity (anyone that you want). It can be a singer, actor, actress, band, etc. Then each week you will be given a theme and must make a blingee for that theme using your particular celebrity. The contest will run from monday through friday. Then voting will be on saturday and sunday. 

Points are calculated as follows: 
* Each week you will vote for your top three entries. You will not be able to vote for yourself. For each 1st place vote you will receive 10 pts. For each 2nd place vote you will receive 5 pts. For each 3rd place vote you will receive 3 pt. 

* Each week the person with the highest score will be set as the group icon. 

* The score grows each week for 10 contests. Then at the end the prizes will be as follows: 
1st place- a specially made blingee, 25 blingees rated 5 stars, and be able to give me a list of 10 contests for the next cycle. 
2nd place- a specially made blingee and 10 blingees rated 5 stars. 
3rd place- a specially made blingee and 5 blingees rated 5 stars. 

List of contests  
1. scrapbook (1st- 4r13s and cassandrajd) 
contestants (in order):  

4r13s (33 points) 
cassandrajd (33 points) 
punky7 (28 points) 
starfish82 (21 points) 
anna (13 points) 
villemo20 (11 points) 
fde34qa (10 points)
anzuip (10 points) 
tracymcgibbon (10 points)  
ilovewebkinz23 (5 points) 
livingwater (3 points) 
bonjovirocks1 ( 3 points) 


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ciao happy weekend
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CLOSED! VOTING - challenge 2 cycle 5 (black and white)
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