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My personal hack group for my friends only. Please hack ONLY here, not on my profile. =]

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Hacked By Bella<3
Alyssa Is My World, I Luv Her Soooo Much!
Shes Sooo Amaznqq And Veryy Sweet! I Luv
Her Like If She Was Maah Sista!
Shes One Of A Kind! We Have Our Up And Down,But We Never Let It Get To Us, Because we Luv Each other, Thanks For Ur
Friendship Alyssa, Luv Yuhh
                           Luv, Izzy 
Hacked By Alli 
Alyssa is Awesome and Fun.
She Is Nice and Caring.
Never Hurt Her Or Ull Deal With Me.
ilysssssssssssm Kandy.Kuties Forever!

~`>>Hakked By Kaitlynn<<`~
Alyssa yuhhr Amazinq
 And Never Wanna Loose Yuhh
I hope u like da bingees i 
made :3 Hehe(:
 Never Wass loose yuhh
M(: Lol ♥♥
      Hacked by Anna!
DoDoDoDoDo Alyssa u are sooo amazing!!I never wanna loose u!!you are very nice and caring.she is my dodododo/dadadadada buddy!!Meeting you was the best thing that happend to me.
DoDoDoDoDo I luhv you Alyssa!!!

Oh.Itzzz Me Diana.
Ow. Alyssa. U are So amazing. CUte. sweet. incredible, crazy. and  I have many more nice words to say u. honey.
ILY. . I love you because you gave me your friendship.Thnxx for all. thanx for ur friendship.
U are the best spongebobgurl.:B
I FUKIN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE U. i Hope that u understand that. :)
     Thiss Has Been Hackk Byy Anhel(Hunny Buns)
Well whaatt can i sayy aboutt thiss chick??
 Yuhh aree soo amazinqq!!.Alwayzz makk mee lauqhh(;
Wee havee such amazinqq memoriess sincee thee firstt timee wee talkk!..Nnd wee havee alreadyy knoww each other forr Twoo Wholee Monthss!!!..Omqq!!..thaatts iss likk so awesomee;D Yuhh aree alwayzz qoinqq to bee in myy heart.<3 No onee but no one will seperate ourr friendshipp!! Lovee yuhh Tootsiee.<3

Hacked by Ness
Alyssa, you are so amazin', i love our talks and every moments we spend together.
You r so super cool ^^ :3
You r the most awesome superman in the universe, and you're mine ~~
Oh yeaaah :b
Neva leave me plz, I love yhew lots.
Superman n' batman 4eva ♥


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