I miss you Claudia...Love you so much

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I miss you Claudia so much. That's why I want to make all my pictures in honor of you today. I hope you can see and know what's going on, on earth right now. Hope you can see how much everyone misses you and loves you so so much. You were such a sweetheart to everyone and now you are being rewarded greatly. I hope you are having a wonderful time right now, and I know you are.. You are an inspiration to me, you were so strong and you proved to me anyone can fight anything with strength with the help of the good Lord. I love you sweetheart forever and always.... 

Missing you so so much,
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I miss you too sweetheart but am honoring your last words to me right now Nina loves you always xx 
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We all do and i know she loves us all so so much and I know she is smiling from ear to ear so so much...
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In memory of my dear and wonderful friend ClaudiaMexi
I miss her so much, they always made ​​me laugh to be related.
But she has a permanent place in my heart. She is happy now with the angels in heaven.
I love you forever  Heidi
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I miss you so mutch,,,
I love you forever Heidi

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