Just a place to hang out. If you don't like it don't join, if you do join. Cool. if you leave. Don't care. This was pretty much a group for me to hang out with friends away from everyone.

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Ya, I didn't really think group would pick up, I just wanted to make a group, cause I could. Ignore the name, anyone can join. I just had nothing better for a name thats all, haha!

It's not really a new group now, We have almost 500 members. So keep it going. =D

My shouts: want to add one, let me know
Jake -- [gone] but he was awsome

----> Don't be shy, Add some blingee 
----> Don't be [dick]heads in my group for fuck sakes

-----> Featured Member: 
-------> Jake -- he's gone Dx

-----> Featured Blingee: 

[if you do not wish to have your blingee used as the group logo, please let me know thanks]

-----> Suggested Group:
[for anyone who might like A7X [aka: Avenged Sevenfold]

Managers: Brian [_brian]
                  Brittany [xxbritt]
                  Jenn [milky_way123]
                  Molly [mollyannee]

200 members ---- May 8th 2008 [thursday]
300 members ---- June 17th 2008 [tuesday]
400 members ---- September 07 2008 [Sunday]
500 members ---- January 26 2009 [monday]


need a group?
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Beautiful People
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Thank you for letting me share my art world
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