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A club for all the awesome female sonic character lovers....Fan character blingees welcome

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 Join this group if you respect the female sonic characters ^^

*Amy Rose the hedgehog

*Blaze the cat

*Rouge the bat

*Tikal the echidna

*Shade the echidna

*Wave the swallow (appears in SRZG video game)

*Sally Acorn (in the Sonic Archie comics and the older Sonic TV series)

*Fiona the fox (Appears in sonic Archie comics)

*Honey the cat(forgotten character from sonic fighters)

*Cosmo the seedrian(appears in sonic x)

*Julie-Su the echidna(appears in the sonic archie comics)



where´s your favourite character amy rose or sally acorn?
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Which Is Your Fave Sonic Girl? (Fan Characters Too)
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21 members are you serious??
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Anybody here have a Deviantart account?
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