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Okay back to Tiffany Evans!

Tiffany Evans is young, her youth only emphasized by having 22-year-old Ciara as a mentor and just-legal label mate Bow Wow as a self-professed big brother. Evans' vocal maturity, on the other hand, reaches beyond her 15 years, and it's the contrast between her sound and her age that make the teenager remarkable.

The girl's got pipes. Even on the uptempo first single "Promise Ring," Evans' vocals hint at the 10-year-old "Star Search" contestant she once was (you can check the child Evans out on YouTube, covering "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" with all the precision, force and showmanship of a 25-year-old).

Since then, Evans' style has gone less in the direction of Jennifer Holliday and more in the vein of Beyonce. She's backed by funky, drum-laden tracks produced by The Clutch and Rodney Jerkins.

Her self-titled debut has the shiny, pop-friendly sound popular among her peers. And it's that group and those younger that Evans seems to be addressing on "Girl Gone Wild," in which she urges the "private school girl with your skirt rolled up" to take it down a notch.

Evans' CD is age-appropriate. It's a mix of mid-tempo and slow-moving songs covering all the phases of young love, from daydreaming about the guy ("Thinkin' About") to pondering a break-up ("Can't Walk Away"). The teenager may sing about adulthood on the anthem-like second single "I'm Grown," featuring Bow Wow, but it seems she's left herself plenty of room to grow.

Who is Tiffany Evans you say? Here's some things you should know about her down here.

Tiffany Evans enjoys life. Whether she's doing the hottest new dance moves in front of the mirror, hanging out with her friends or pouring over fashion. Tiffany radiates the joy of a teenager having fun and making the most of what the world has to offer.

Nowhere is her exuberant outlook expressed better than when she sings. She might be just a teen, but her musical ability shows experience, passion and wisdom coming from a place far beyond the date on her birth certificate. With a multi-octave voice already drawing comparisons to legendary ladies like Patti Labelle and Whitney Houston, Tiffany blends classic R&B and pop vocalizing with a self-reliant attitude and a bubbly teenage energy. Tiffany Evans marks Tiffany Evan's long-awaited Columbia Records debut.

Featuring songs and production from Grammy winner Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey), explosive beatmakers The Clutch and DJ Smurf, and a guest spot from platinum-selling songstress Ciara, Tiffany Evans "reflects who I really am," says Tiffany. "It's from my heart." One listen to Tiffany Evans and it's clear that now is Tiffany's time to shine.

Tiffany kicks things off with the infectious first single "Promise Ring," an upbeat portrait of young love from a young lady's point-of-view. In the song, Tiffany lets her prospective suitor know that "Yes, I'll rock your promise ring" while hipping him to what a girl really wants: honesty, maturity and commitment. "I love this song because it's so real and romantic," Tiffany chuckles. Produced by DJ Smurf and Brian "B-Nasty" Reid, "Promise Ring" features Tiffany's creative mentor, Ciara. "I was so excited to work with Ciara because I'm such a fan!," Tiffany exclaims. "The whole experience was just awesome."

Tiffany's respect and appreciation for Ciara is definitely reciprocal. "Tiffany is very fun to work with," Ciara observes. "She has so much personality and energy. She is very mature for her age. When I work with her in the studio, she reminds me of myself when I was younger in so many ways. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask questions and give creative input. Her vocals are very strong, powerful and soulful with the kind of voice that you want to hear a cappella. And she records pretty fast! Her single 'Promise Ring' is undeniably a hit and is just a small taste of what's in store. I can't wait for the world to hear her."

The power of Tiffany's voice is in full-force on the dance track, "What You Talking," another production from The Clutch. "It's a totally fun song!" Tiffany declares. "It's all about how guys approach a girl in the wrong way: when they come off a little cocky and the girl is just trying to figure out what the guy is all about. You know girls just want guys to be real. That's why I think everyone loves this song, because anyone, no matter how old they are, can relate to it. "

Although much of Tiffany Evans was recorded in 2006, Tiffany had actually cut tracks for the album the previous year. But, during the process, Tiffany had grown from a precocious kid to a polished young woman and wanted her new album to reflect her maturation. "I was going through a lot of changes," she says. "I was growing up and becoming much more serious about everything, especially my music. I needed to sing about what I was feeling. So we started working on some new songs and kept some of the older ones." One of the new songs is the irresistible jam, "Blowing Me Up," penned by the Grammy-nominated platinum-selling chart-topping R&B/pop singer songwriter Ne-Yo.

One of the songs Tiffany kept in the tracklisting of her new album is her emotional cover of "Let Me Be Your Angel," produced by multiple Grammy-winner Narada Michael Walden. Tiffany makes the song--originally a smash hit in 1980 for a then-13-year-old Stacy Lattisaw--her own in a luscious emotional rendition.

Equally powerful is Tiffany's inspirational "Angels On Earth." "I listen to it whenever I'm down," she says. "It helped me realize that if I'm in a bad situation all I have to do is just pray on it, keep my faith up and things will work out." Thanks to faith, family and friendship, Tiffany's learned the importance of courage and faith from first-hand experience. Born one of ten children, Tiffany was raised by caring parents who sang to their kids and encouraged their artistic expressions. From a young age, Tiffany's been in love with music. She would practice for hours and, before long, it became obvious she was blessed with a special talent. But, the Evans family had hard times to face before Tiffany would realize her dreams. When the house they'd been renting was sold out from under them, Tiffany's father moved the family to Atlantic City, New Jersey, in the hopes of securing work and a new home. To a little girl born and raised in the Bronx, the faded elegance of Atlantic City held out the promise of a new beginning. "When we got there--oh my goodness--the lights looked like stars!," Tiffany remembers.

Before long, Tiffany was working with a vocal teacher who told the 10-year-old she had "a gift from God" and should try out for "Star Search." Hoping to audition Tiffany went to New York City and stood in line, in the dead of winter, for four hours. Delivering a roof-raising rendition of "Stormy Weather," Tiffany secured a spot on the show. In February 2003, on her fourth "Star Search" appearance, Tiffany Evans won the Grand Champion title in the junior singer division. She also became the only performer in "Star Search" history to receive perfect five scores on all of her appearances.

That same year, Tiffany sang for executives at Columbia Records and was quickly offered a deal. With her musical career already on the upswing, she landed a small role on CBS's "The District," and appeared in the hit film, "The Diary of a Mad Black Woman," in 2004. Tiffany continues to pursue acting with an eye on more film and TV work.

Although she's 15, Tiffany Evans has poured a lifetime into her music: music that speaks to her generation but which has the passion to appeal to everyone. "I am so proud of this record," Tiffany says. "All I have ever wanted is to share my voice. I am so blessed that I get to do something I love and that I can share my music and dreams." 



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Tiffany has some very good songs on her Album.

♦Promise Ring

♦I'm Grown (Feat. Bow Wow)


♦Thinkin About

♦Can't Walk Away

♦Lay Back & Chill

♦Girl Gone Wild

♦About A Boy

♦Favorite Broken Heart


♦Angels on Earth

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