What do you think of faires?

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i think they are very pretty and cool!
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Have always loved them. I like to see different types of fairy art from real life photoshopped models to 3d art to Anime.
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ya faires are cool. once when we were like 5 6 or 7 me and one of my friends were on the trampoline and my friend said she saw a fairy and then a devil over my head. i didn't know if she was lying or not so i copied her. then she got freaked out saying she kept seeing devils over my head so we both screamed and ran inside. lol. ANYWAY i used to draw fairies all the time when i was younger, i  couldn't do shading though...i still think i can't...
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i want to thank you for for everything you said..
@meegz13-i want to say you never know what she actually seen...than again she could have been pretending. and
@grimmablackheart and best pal-i love fairies and i too like to see the different types.

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