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This Lady Added It On The News         

I saw Michael Jackson in the Miami Airport 

I've looked for some place where I can tell what I saw. I'm in the U.S Air Force. I was on leave back home in Miami, Fl. On Sept 30 I was in the Miami Airport getting ready to fly back to Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia where I'm stationed. I was standing around replying to a text message. When this group on men came storming through. I didn't know what was going on I started running towards them and I could see a man in the middle of the crowd with a white fedora, a black satin surgical maskMichael Jackson. People were yelling Michael. And I started yelling Michael, Michael as well. I heard some lady say Oh My God he is alive. They were darting through they went outside. I had tears in my eyes because I knew it was him. I'm a huge fan and I would never make this up and give false hope to anyone. Please believe me I saw Michael Jackson. 

Also There Been A Sighting

Watch this video, p.s mj would never faked his death.:(

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I agree but I did cry when he died but then I saw that MJ was spotted getting out of the corner car, here the link of it

There no proof yet but I have seen a VERY impresive video of proof but watch it all the video of proof that said Michael Jackson is alive part one and part two blah blah you know what I mean. I been a HUGE fan of him ever since I was a baby, and i'm only 12. I love you Michael xxx
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unfortunately this video isn't real. it was put online by some group of people from Australia. It was on the news a while back that it was set up, recorded, and put online just to see how many people would believe that it was him... Although that claim could have been a cover up as well. You never know anymore.
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I Wish Michael Jackson Is Alive Though:(

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