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This is a group for all that love & play video games! Anyone can join!

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Contest winners for the "Summer" contest
1st Place is xVerilein -
2nd Place is ChibiJenova -
3rd Place is SailorSoldier87 -
Group Icon will be changed every week and will be chosen at random.
And to any new members, when you join expect a friend request from me (BlackAssassin_Sakura) so whenever we hold a contest I can send you a comment to let you know so you can join!
Welcome to the Gamers Unite! group. This is a group made by a gamer for my fellow gamers! I made this group because most of the other game groups were inactive. This group is open to everyone, please join anyone can from Hardcore gamers to casual even if you're a weekend gamer. It does not matter if you play Console games or PC games even arcade games I welcome you with open arms, so come and share your love for gaming with other members and your Blingees! Thank you for joining (if you are/did) I hope to see your awesome Blingees soon or see you in the forums! :)
In this group the managers and I will NOT tolerate inappropriate behavior in this group. We will enforce every single rule that is listed below no exceptions. Blingees and forum post that are offensive or Irrelevant to the group will be removed and you will receive a warning once you have been given 3 warnings you will be kicked out of the group no ifs ands or buts I mean it! 

General Rules of the group:
1. Be nice to everyone
2. Add only Blingees that come from Games
3. Do not ask to be added as an Manager

Rules for adding Blingees:
1. Only add Blingees that are game related
2. Yuri and Yaoi is allowed
3. No Nudity everything must be covered in someway

Rules for the Forums:
1. Do not post anything that is offensive to others
2. TRY to at least keep the cursing to a minimal
3. Do not post anything hateful towards other members
4. Respect the opinions of the other members so that means no fighting.  
Contest conditions.
From now on all contests and special events will be chosen by the Managers, as always we still want your input when it comes to new ideas and what not. :) 
BlackAssassin_Sakura a.k.a Saku <- Manager and Founder

LunarianRaven a.k.a Ravey <- Blingee and Member Manager

OdinsLight a.k.a Claire <- Forum Manager

Spiderlily92 a.k.a Lily <- Manages Blingee Prizes


What matters in Games?
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Summer theme Contest Winners!
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Group is running again!
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