Y. Gangsters

Y. Gangsters

yo kl this group is for ppl that r kl and reppin we accept girls aswell but we dnt accept goths lyk and no bein rude in this group

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Ma rap is real
Got da tip fo da shorty's feel
Yo I'm da one dats gonna rap tonight
with ma peeps an ma ho's I be doin it right,

yo were fresh like mint,
let me give ya a hint,
we skank, we thank,
we rob the bank,
lyk reppin ma endz
round the bendz,

We'll kick ur ass onto the next bus
if u trend wif us,
were keepin it real,
were as hard as steel,
we stay chillin,
while were killin,
cause u dnt kno me
cant u see.

i ant tryna be a preacher,
I ant tryna be a teacher,
or nfin like that,
so u cnt chat,
when i hit u across the face wif a baseball bat,

ma homies out der BRAPPPPPP



kl ppl
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