Vintage Models & Actresses

Vintage Models & Actresses

It can be any kind of modeling through the 1930's and all the way to the 1980's. Hope you join in the fun! :D Also it doesn't have to be models and can be actresses too.

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Modeling is like a work of art and it is very fun and beautiful to look at when you are done with you masterpiece that you made on blingee. I really miss the classics and the beautiful models they had back then, and I'm glad that blingee can restore all the memories those days. ^_^ Again anything from the 1930's and up to th 1980's of modeling. There are many models from the 1930's and up, like Marilyn M. and Pattie Boyd and again many more. 

Actresses are also a work of art when they pose for the camera. With the acts they have on lights, camera, action! And with posing, well, blingee can do more to make their picture more realistic and more beautiful plus elegant. I can't wait to see what you have created!! :) Even some band memembers like The Beatles are actresses, so if you find anything like that, then those are exceptable. Anything with cameras are also exceptable and showing any pose can be excepted.

If there's any questions let me know. Have a silly day!~*


Thanks for the people that have joined the group and I give a LOT of credit for the people that made their blingee's so nice and thank you judyl68 for letting me use your blingee as part of our group blingee. ^_^ I hopeing that everybody will get to join and have a good time on blingee.


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