Team Edward

Team Edward

This group is for Twilight fans who think Edward is SO much better than Jacob (which he obviously is)

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THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, Sinful_Jezebel for our current group icon thing!!

PLEASE add your own blingees! Don't be shy! I really don't care if it is awful cuz mine are worse. Anything Twilight-related can be added! Except for Jacob pics of course..

Question: Did anyone else cry during New Moon? Or am I just over-emotional?

New Moon hits theaters November 20, 2009. Even though our dear Edward leaves us, you have to admit, Taylor Lautner is pretty hot. So just focus on that and the fact that Edward will come back in the end when Jacob is his annoying self. Here is the link to the trailer:

Summary of Twilight, from "When seventeen year old Isabella Swan makes a willing decision to move to Forks, her whole life changes. At first, Bella doesn’t expect anything to be out of the ordinary. After all, what could happen in a small, constantly raining town with a population of a few thousand? That’s what Bella thinks before she meets the insanely gorgeous Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Not only does Edward Cullen introduce her to a completely different world, but she also finds herself in love with it. As Bella is spending more time with Edward, she discovers that he’s no ordinary boy. Everything about him is so mysterious and luring that Bella can’t help being curious. Her curiosity, however, is what leads her straight to trouble. Even after being warned several times by Edward to stay away from him, Bella still continues to talk to him in and out of school. As their relationship develops, Bella realizes that her safety is at risk in the vampire world. Her and Edward’s difference in species is much more dangerous than she first thought. Even something as insignificant as a baseball game can lead to trouble! When a daring vampire “tracker” decides to come after Bella, everyone in the Cullen family pitches in to help. They do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means risking themselves. All the family’s work goes to waste when Bella decides to go after the tracker herself. She has no idea what he has planned, but she’s willing to risk her life and leave everything behind to save her family and friends."

And now a couple reasons why Edward Cullen is better than Jacob Black:
1. Edward sparkles
2. Edward never ages, while Jacob ages eventually
3. Edward is a vampire
4. Edward is so gorgeous (given by TokioHotelLuver1)
5. Everything! Edward is perfect! (given by karime_misty1)
6. Edward is such a gentleman and is sooooooooo romantic! (given by TokioHotelLuver1)
7. Edward can read everyone's mind
8. Edward is more noble than Jacob
9. Edward would let Bella go if she wanted someone else but Jacob still keeps fighting
10. Edward would kill himself if Bella died but Jacob would just be crushed because Edward loves Bella more.
11. Edward is going to have his own BOOK while 12. Jacob has 1/3 of Breaking Dawn and an epilogue
13. Edward can compose music! 
14. Edward can protect Bella completely and totally
15. Edward can provide for Bella and he's filthy rich!
16. Edward has the wisdom of a hundred years
17. Edward can get Bella out of places fast with his super speed
18. Edward is not a dog :D
19. Edward is not this big joker when a true serious friend is needed
20. Edward is more mature
21. Edward isn't a jerk face when he gets mad
22. Edward can make bella immortal (7-22 ALL given by christina_nacr)
23. Edward is better looking than Jacob
24. Edward can climb faster
25. Edward is so dang hawt (23-25 given by Jonasbrothersfan238 except on 25 I added the "so dang" and re-spelled hot for emphasis)
26. Edward is a guy that some ppl can relate 2! (given by TokioHotelLuver1)
27. Edward wouldn't force bella to kiss him like others*coughjacobcough* (given by locacrazy123. haha this is mi fave so far)
28. Edward is Edward. (given by Miss_Alice_Mary_Darcy_Cullen. Miss Alice also gave two other reasons, but we already had them, reasons 1 and 5)

Go to this thread: to add your own!!

You say Jacob Black
♥I say Edward Cullen
You say werewolves
♥I say vampires
You say Vampires aren't real
♥I say You're crazy

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