Teardrops on my Gutiar Part 7

Teardrops on my Gutiar Part 7
<<<atschool>>>> nick:can i talk to u naomi naomi:no i g2g nick:plz just for a minute naomi:ok wat nick:i want u back naomi:well its too late for that now cuz im dating someone now his name is justin nick:ok well could we get back together naomi:no nick:plz <<<i walk over>>>> me:she said no nick:this is none of ur business me:it is my besties which is half of my businness so if she has a boyfriend and doesnt wanna get back together then thats that ok nick bye <<<we walk away>>> naomi:thxs shalice me:no prob ur my bestie and no one can do that to u naomi:im happy u r my bestie me:me too <<<later>>>> joe:i heard bout wat u said to my brother me:yeah im srry but he was being a jerk joe:i know but i luved that u stuck up for ur bestie thats a lot of courage and thats why i luv u me:aww thxs and i luv u too <<we kiss>> kev:ugh u guys ur making me cry sophia:yeah me too me:aww do u guys wanna go to lunch? joe sophia n kev:yeah suree lillian:hey shalice wanna go to lunch me:yeah i was bout t actually find u and naomi <<naomi and justin walk up to us>> me:there u r justin:hey u guys all of us:hey justin <<nick comes over>> nick:can i talk to u shalice me:sure fine watever nick:im really srry for being a jerk me:well u shouldnt of did that to my bestie nick:i know its just i luv her still me:well then why woul u tell a different girl that u like her nick:idk i just didnt know wat i was thinking me:theres a shock nick:anyway do u forgive me me;sure fine everyone has to act like a jerk now go see ur new gf lillain nick:ok <<he walks over to lil>> je:wat was that bout me:nothing he was just apologizing for being a jerk joe:oh melina:hey u guys do u know where justin is all of us:no <<she gets a text>> melina:its from justina and it says im in the hospital! ______________________________________________________________________ <<<<<will justin be ok will everyone forgive nick find out on the next series of teardrops on my gutair>>>>>
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mousey sagt:

Vor 3973 Tage
ʛɾєʌƭ ƨƭơɾɣ ƅʅɪɲʛєє ƅєƨƭɪє♥

Lillian98 sagt:

Vor 3973 Tage
aaaaaah what happened to justin?!!?!!?

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