a nelena story

a nelena story
in ths story nick and selena arnt together yet so right now the are just friends ok here it is enjoy. selena sees nick hagging out with his friends and runs over to him and hugs him and says hey nicky. all nicks friends walk away. nick:SELENA selena:what nick: i waz busy doing something and what did i tell u about calling me nicky selena:oh sorry looks down and turns around nick:(thinking uh man y douse she do this to me)selena wait im sorry selena:no ur not u just feel bad nick:(hugs selena)yes i am please for give me selena:uhhh fine i forgive you(smiles) nick:so whats ur next class selena:uhhh math.i hate math the teacher is soo mean nick:mee too selena:ok well then lets gO (whispers)lazy nick i heard that selena:(laughs)well were here nick: and selena walk in and sit down selena sits down next to nick and says omg its mitchell mitchell:yo sel selena:(hugs him)omg i havent seen u in a long time mitchell:(laughs)oh is this nick selena:yeah u geys havent met yet.nck this is mitchell nick:oh hi selena:ok well bye (hugs him) nick: well u too seem close selena:yeah i luv him he is soo awesome nick:no hes not selena:(dousnt say anything thinks whats wrong with him) miley: (slams her book on sels desk)your stting in my seat selena:this isnt ur seat.IM NOT moving. miley:oh really selena:yeah really miley:big mistake.(punches sell in da face) niick:holy crap mitchell:r u ok sel selena:yeah im fine(then punches miley in da face and walks out of class) miley:goes after sel nick:holds miley back and then the teacher walks in miley:(sits in a seat and gives nick a mean look) teacher:ok class im taking attendence. umm were is selena? selena:right here(walks inside) teacher: oh ur tardy selena:yeah i know(sits next to nick) demi:(passes a note to sell) selena:(reads out were did u go.writes:no were i just did a little something to mleys locker.passes the note back) joe:(grabs demis note and starts reading it and laughs out loud) demi:(hits joe) joe:oh (looks around him)sorry mitchell:(passes sel an note) selena:whats with all these notes(starts to read it)(wanna see a movie afterschool?)(remembers shes going somewere with nick and writes no.) nick:(mumbels)what a loser. selena:NICK nick:what selena i dont know what ur problem is but u need to quit it. WITH DEMI AND JOE demi:joe whats up with nick? joe:i dont know hes been acting wierd all day demi:oh well i waz wondering if i could come over friday joe:yeah sure demi:oh cool (smiles) LATER ON AT THE END OF SCHOOL miley:(sees selena) u bitch selena:oh crap (runs into nick while running) nick y are u runing? selena:nick omg save me nick:huh? selena:(points to miley walking towards them) nick:ohh (sighs)comon (walks with selena to go to his house) selena:(walks into some bushes)omg that waz soo close nick:yeah wait i thought we wernt afraid of miley. selena:im not i just didnt feel like fighting nick: pshh and u call me lazy (laughs and unlocks hid door) selena:(sticks her tounge out at nick and walks in) nick: so what do u wanna do selena:i dont know but i do have a question.y were u all crazy today? nick:um well couse u ju- kevin:yo nick.. and selena? nick:hey(gives him a annoyed look) kevin:y is sel here nick:(walks kevin out of the room)leave me alone please. selena:what douse he mean y am i here(mad) WHAT IS KEVIN GOING TO TELL SELL?DOES KEVIN NOT KNOW THEY EVEN ARE FRIENDS? STICK AROUND AND FIND OUT SOON? AND PLZ PLZ PLZ PASS DIS ON TO UR FRIENDS U KNOW SPREAD THE WORD PLZ. PEACE
erstellt von: Melina45d

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TamminSursokfan sagt:

Vor 3575 Tage
awesome but miley would never do that and joe would never punch a girl but GOOD :)

aranita40206 sagt:

Vor 3582 Tage
rubi been reading these to me i like them and i like the blingee too

Lillian98 sagt:

Vor 3594 Tage
this is cool! and drama! and weird! and awesome! lol!

cool76020 sagt:

Vor 3595 Tage
oh man harsh!!! miley would never do that

Rlwr sagt:

Vor 3595 Tage

christina15F sagt:

Vor 3595 Tage
i love it grate job 

awesomeItzelle sagt:

Vor 3595 Tage
very awesome!!!

starfire800 sagt:

Vor 3595 Tage
wow this absolutely amazing i really hope there is going to be another one great job

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