Torn Apart Chapter UNO!!!or one:p

Torn Apart Chapter UNO!!!or one:p
*Selena walking to her locker*Demi:Hey Sel!!!Whats up?-Selena:Not Much I guess...I just have this major test for chemistry that i forgot to study for.-Demi:I'm sure you'll do fine. You got an A+ on the last test and we "according to Mr.Lanston" learned about all that math/science junk for two months when it was clearly only two days.-Selena:Mr.Lanston is just a lonely man Demi. You can't blame him.-*Taylor runs over to Selena And Demi(btw their lockers are right next to each other. It's Joe-Demi-Taylor-Selena-Nick-Miley-Jake)-Taylor:Hey Demi! Hi Sel!*grabs some text books out of her locker*Bye Demi!Bye Sel!*runs off*-Demi:Okay...whats up with Taylor-Selena:I dont know but knowing Taylor there's a guy involved.*Demi and Selena Laugh*Selena gets her books out of her locker and closes it when Nick comes and opens his. Miley follows and purposely bumps into Selena and makes her drop her books*-Demi:Pick it up slut!-Miley:What did you call me?!-Demi:You heard me! Pick it up!Or at least say excuse me but knowing a stuck up b**** like you,you would probably "break a nail"picking up a pencil.-Miley:Yeah,coming from the girl who wears black 24/7 I'm not scared.-Demi:*mad and shoves her shoulders towards miley*-Selena:Demi*grabs demi after picking up her stuff*c'mon you got in trouble last time for something similar to this, i don't want you to get detention again.-Demi:Fine...*starts to walk off with Selena but turns back around and takes miley's purse and dumps everything out*-Miley:AHHHH!!!-Selena:Demi!C'mon!-Principal comes out of his office after hearing a scream, sees Selena and Demi speed walking-Principal:Ms.Lovato!!Ms.Gomez!!MY OFFICE NOW!-Selena:Good Job Demi.-Demi:Sorry Sel. I couldn't let that slut mess with my best friend.-Selena:Thanks.But now we're in trouble.C'mon*grabs Demi's hand and heads to principals office.*Selena and Demi go into the office and sit down*Principal:Ladies. I am ONCE AGAIN very disappointed in you.-Selena:I'm so sorry Principal Caitlin we...*Jake walks in*Jake:It's okay Selena you can admit it. I dumped out Mileys stuff.-Selena:What?!No...Demi did.I mean DEMI AND I did.-Jake:No its okay Selena*whispers:follow along*you can admit I dumped the stuff out.-Principal:Okay then Mr.Lautner if your admiting that you did the crime instead of these girls then YOU are serving detention this Friday.-Selena:But you have a football game and you didnt even do anything!-Jake:No its okay Selena,*lying*you know I DUMPED THE STUFF OUT.Isn't that right Selena-Selena:Yeah...-Principal:Okay well obviously someone emptied ms.cyrus' bag and mr.lautner is the only one who seems to have done the crime so remember detention on guys can go now.-Demi*out in hallway with Selena*-SWEET!No detention!woot!woot!-Selena:Demi!How can you say that? Jake just came in and lied for us and now he has detention when hes one of the best football players.-Demi:Correction.Second best.After that sluts boyfriend.BESIDES we dont have detention:)-Selena:Yeah I guess your right.SOMEWHAT....-*Jake walks out of office*Jake-So uhm...Selena will you go out with me on Saturday?To like the movies or something?-Selena:Uhmmmmmm....-Demi:SHE WOULD LOVE TO!-Jake:Great! I'll pick you up at 7.-Demi:You GOT A DATE SELENA!-Selena-Uhmmm....TO BE CONTINUED!!!
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Sugerbabii sagt:

Vor 4145 Tage
you should add Emily Osment,Jake T. Austin,and Sterling Knight

cullentwilight18 sagt:

Vor 4145 Tage
okay idk if anyone will actually read this but if you are reading this....
1.Tell me what you think.:)good/bad/horrible/lacking BE HONEST!please!
2.What should happen in the next ep?
3.What should I add/delete
4.What characters do you want in the story?So far I'm planning on having SelenaGomez,NickJonas,TaylorSwift,MileyCyrus,JoeJonas,KevinJonas,AshleyTisdale,Taylor Lautner(JAKE),Cody Linley,and DemiLovato.

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