Paranoid Episode 4

Paranoid Episode 4
Scene:Gina's house *door bells ring Ding Dong Girls come in* Gina: nice dresses everyone! Girls: Thanks! Yeji: YOu look great too, Gina. Gina: Thanks. Gina's mom: Hey guys!Are you guys all ready! Girls: Yeah we are. Gina's mom: Great there gonna be here soon. *Ding Dong Gina opens the door* Boys: Hey girls! Ready to go? Girls: Yeah we are! Boys: Get in the car. Girls: ok. Scene: Dinner place Waiter: what do you want guys? Girls and boys: We'll have lobster. Waiter: ok *waiter brings the lobster* Girls and boy: Thanks. *An hour later* Girls: Sorry guys we got to go. Gina: It's my friends birthday. Itzelle: I need to go cause my family is having dinner together. Vic: Sorry. My bff is sick i gotta go take care of her. *vic kisses Nick* *itzelle kisses Joe* *gina kisses Taylor* *Yeji kisses Kevin* Girls: bye. see you guys tommarrow at school! Boys: OK! BYE!! Scene: School *Girls and Boys talking to each other at the lockers* Girls: Hey boys! Sorry about yesterday. Boys: It's fine. Girls: Thanks for forgiving us. We are so sorry. * =door opens and they see an unfamiliar face* Itzelle: Who's that? Joe: I don't know lets go and find out. *joe and itzelle walks up to her* Joe: hey. Whats your name? Ashley: oh my name is ashley. JOe: Welcome! Ashley: Thanks(in a dreaming voice) Itzelle: Joe! STop! You know me and you are dating! Joe: sorry. Kevin: Hey guys! and girl i've never seen before. AShley: I'm ashley. Kevin: nice to meet you. Yeji: Hey kevin! I had a blast last night. *Yeji kisses kevin* Ashley: oh so you guys are together? Yeji: yeah. Itzelle: me and joe are together too. Ashley: Congrats! Gina: Hey Ashley! Ashley: how do you know me? Gina: My BF Told me. Ashley: who's your bf? Gina: Taylor. Taylor: hey! Gina! Ashley it's nice to meet you all! *Ashlet saying in her mind*: I think joe is so cute! i've gotta have him! Question: Will ashley take joe away from Itzelle? Is she gonna get along with them? Find out on the next episode!
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aletha95 sagt:

Vor 3727 Tage

jonaslover33 sagt:

Vor 3727 Tage
wow great blingeee and episode! :)
can't wait for the nxt!~

meilanirocks123 sagt:

Vor 3731 Tage
i really love it !

Lillian98 sagt:

Vor 3734 Tage
cool make more definitley! 

Andzelina sagt:

Vor 3735 Tage

mileyloverfor... sagt:

Vor 3735 Tage
great work just give me the links 2 the others ones

meilanirocks123 sagt:

Vor 3735 Tage
SO CUTE ! i luv it ! such a good episode!

samanta2424 sagt:

Vor 3735 Tage
so cute

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