Betyy Boop the original one

Betyy Boop the original one
Betty Boop is a personage of cartoon who appeared in the series Talkartoon produced by Max Fleischer and thrown(launched) by Paramount Pictures. For his(her,your) opened sexuality, Betty Boop was very much successful in the cinema. Though this sexuality was smoothed during the year 1930. He continues being a very popular personage at present. Betty Boop was the first cartoon of a girl flapper. It(he,she) did his(her,your) first appearance on August 9, 1930, in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes, in the sixth delivery of the Fleischer's Talkartoon series. Grim Natwick, a veteran entertainer of Walt Disney y Ub's studies Iwerks, was principally the person in charge of creating the animated(inspired) personage shaped on the basis of the figure of Helen Kane, singer and American actress contracted by Paramount Pictures, the study that was distributing Max Fleischer's cartoon. Following(Continuing) the common practice, Grim Natwick there made, in this case, his(her,your) new animated(inspired) personage a new animal(rude) personage was a dog caniche French. Beginning with this cartoon, the voice of the personage was represented by several actresses of different voices until Mae Questel was obtaining the paper(role), in 1931, and supported it for the rest of the series. The own(proper) Natwick admitted later that Betty Boop's original aspect was ugly enough. The entertainer re-designed it in 1932 to be recognizably human in the cartoon Any Rags. His(her,your) ears of dog caniche on soft(smooth) wools became dependent in the shape of hoop, and his(her,your) skin(leather) of dog turned(became) a cut of the hair of the nape. It(he,she) was appearing in ten cartoon as a personajes of support, a girl flapper with more heart that intelligence. In his(her,your) own(proper) cartoon she was called "Nancy Lee" and "Nan McGrew". Normally it(he,she) served as the star of study, "girlfriend(fiancée)" of the personage of Bimbo. There did not baptize officially even the short one of 1932 Stopping the Show. This one also was the cartoon first in being officially a part(report) of the series of Betty Boop and not a Talkartoon. Though some of them affirm that the Betty's first name was established in 1931, in the cartoon Screen Songs where she was called Betty Co-ed and it(he,she) had a completely different cáracter. Auque the own(proper) song can have led to Betty's final baptism, any reference with Betty Co-ed has been a mistake (Betty Boop's official web site describes the personage mentioned as Betty's prototype). In whole, there were twelve Screen Songs's cartoon that offered Betty Boop or for ... To be, cont...
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yay.3 sagt:

Vor 3969 Tage
has hecho un buen trabajo!!!!no entiendo mucho ingles pero tu comentario esta muy elaborado!!!!fantastico!!

blanca...87 sagt:

Vor 3982 Tage

rcjovanovic sagt:

Vor 3983 Tage

nadiekomoyo sagt:

Vor 3983 Tage
WoW awesome.. its an eye catcher.. beautifly put together !!

Fairyirish04 sagt:

Vor 3986 Tage
You know, I haven't meant many people who REALLY know the history of Betty Boop, what you did here is so incredible.  You taught so many people the story of the 'gal', haha.  Isn't it funny that we all grew up watching her cartoons, and they were really kind of 'naughty' for kids, but it didn't hurt me.  I love her still.  She is one of my all time favorite 'charachters' of all time.  I almost think of her as real.  This is so dynamic, you did a fantastic job.  Love, Mary.:)

jenniferswe sagt:

Vor 3989 Tage

hel888en sagt:

Vor 3990 Tage
Great Job...Love Betty Boop...Debbie

birdtoes sagt:

Vor 3991 Tage
This is a fantastic Blingee, and thanks for explaining so much about Betty :)

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