When We Won the Oscar

When We Won the Oscar
I was in a singing/performing group called The Young Americans which made a movie in the 60s and we won an Oscar for it! Here are some of the cast members, with the producer and director. I'm the short one on the left. :)
erstellt von: birdtoes

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Vor 3570 Tage

KimmeesBlingees sagt:

Vor 4046 Tage
Gorgeous! Also very complicated layering and a joy to see!  Congrats on your Oscar at such a great young age! Bravisimo!

gumbycat sagt:

Vor 4060 Tage
Congratulations ! 
What an unforgetable experience it must have been !
Outstanding framing !

RedHeadsRule sagt:

Vor 4061 Tage
So cool! I'm going to have to google them later! Beautiful work!

davysbestgirl sagt:

Vor 4062 Tage
wow you know the technique to frame work too . LOL i need to learn that ,. love this it must have been fun to make (:

wackowoman sagt:

Vor 4063 Tage
To fun!! Great job!

Ercassiel sagt:

Vor 4063 Tage
I am in the midst of a celebrity!!!! What was it like to be up there!! I have to hear the story (you are adorable in the pic by the way. LOVE your hair). The Blingee itself is awesome, again excellent framing and graphics subtle and classy!

birdtoes sagt:

Vor 4064 Tage
Nvrwas - nope, we didn't each get an Oscar :)  The producer and director each got one - I think - (I don't remember - it was sooo long ago) but we got to TOUCH the Oscars :) The whole movie-making and Oscar-winning experience was amazing!

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