Code Adam ~~~~ Adam Walsh

Code Adam ~~~~ Adam Walsh
Adam's killer is named dec,2008. this story relates the details of his disappearance and the Code Adam progam. The Adam Walsh Story Why is "Code Adam" important to your store, your employees, your patrons, and your community? by Harold Rosen, Volunteer Associates It can be a parent's worst nightmare...suddenly your child is missing. It can happen at an amusement park, a clothing store, a department store, or a supermarket. This is exactly what happened to Reve and John Walsh on July 27, 1981, when their 6-year-old son, Adam, was abducted from a Florida department store. **Adam and his mother went to the store to shop for lamps. The store was about one mile from their [home]. They parked the car where they always did. Holding hands, they crossed the parking lot to the north entrance, the same as always. That put them in the toy department. Right in the middle of the toys was the big attraction: a television monitor displaying computer video games. They were brand new back then. Several children were playing with the game, and Adam asked if he could stay and play also. Reve said okay and told him to stay there until she returned from the lamp department. The lamps were about 75 feet away -- out of sight, but not very far. The lamps were out of stock, so Reve left her name and number. She was gone about seven minutes. Adam was not at the video game. Reve walked down several aisles calling out Adam's name. She realized that not only was Adam gone, but all the children were gone and the video was silent. Reve spotted a boy about Adam's age wearing the same hat as Adam. She asked the child if he had seen another boy with the same hat. He nodded yes and pointed to the west door. Reve was positive that Adam would not go out the west door. The toy department clerk said she had not seen Adam. Reve started asking anyone she could find, but they all said the same things. Oh, well, he probably just wandered off. I'll bet he went looking for you. Well you know how kids are, maybe he went off with the rest of the kids. Reve kept insisting that her son [did] not wander off, [and that] something was wrong. All around, clerks kept waiting on people as if nothing had happened. She asked a clerk to page her son. "Adam Walsh, please meet your mother in the toy department." Nothing. After going to her car twice to see if Adam had gone there and looking for him on her own for two hours, someone finally called the police department. The police later interviewed a security guard from the store [who] said that on the day of Adam's disappearance, there had been four boys playing with the video game in the toy department. They started causing a ruckus. She separated them and sent two boys out the north entrance and two out the west entrance. If Adam had been put out the west entrance, he would have been disoriented because he only knew the north entrance. By the end of the first week, 150,000 fliers had been printed and 50,000 of them distributed locally. Adam's photograph was on the poster. The photograph chosen had just been taken the week before and showed a missing tooth. Sixteen days after Adam Walsh disappeared from [that] local department store, his body was positively identified through dental records and by a friend of the family. To date, no one has been indicted for the abduction and death of Adam Walsh.** **This portion is taken from the Book Section, Tears of Rage, which appeared in the Reader's Digest, November 1997 edition - bold face, italicized statements are excerpts from the story with permission from John Walsh.* According to the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 4,600 children are abducted annually by nonfamily members. You can help reduce this number by encouraging your local retailers to adopt the Code Adam program. We will never know whether or not Adam would have survived on that July morning in 1981 if a program like Code Adam had been in place, but this program has the potential to save many children like Adam. Since its development and implementation six years ago, Code Adam has successfully thwarted a number of abductions in progress. *John Walsh is cofounder of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and host of FOX television's "America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back."
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jenthom123 sagt:

Vor 4060 Tage
This was heart wrenching, god bless! xxx

far5871 sagt:

Vor 4082 Tage

watsonswalkers sagt:

Vor 4085 Tage
So sweet of you to post this. I am so glad the family has closure now.

n3vrwasacornf... sagt:

Vor 4086 Tage
Yes it's good to have closure in this case, but still all they ever recovered of Adam was his severed head. I wish they had found all of him. To be able to bury him all together would have been true closure. John Walsh is a hero in my eyes.

guardian06 sagt:

Vor 4088 Tage
I'm so glad they finally have closure! What a heart wrenching story this was.  Now maybe they can get some much needed peace. God Bless them all!

TGRAMS sagt:

Vor 4088 Tage
God bless the Walsh family. they finally have some closure on this such a large and permanent loss. glad they caught the killer - justing will be served. but who hasn't heard of adam walsh?

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