Rᴀᴅɪᴄᴀʟ Cʜᴀɴɢᴇ?! I'ᴍ sᴏʀʀʏ, Aʟᴜᴄᴀʀᴅ!

Rᴀᴅɪᴄᴀʟ Cʜᴀɴɢᴇ?! I'ᴍ sᴏʀʀʏ, Aʟᴜᴄᴀʀᴅ!
【08.03.2020】•【20:33】as i mentioned in my other blingee, something terrible happened yesterday. and i'm gonna explain it right now. also, warning: if you watch castlevania and haven't watched the third season, what i'm going to type, contains spoiler so read at your own risk. i'm going, anyways, to try to not give so many details because it's kinda worthless. alright, so. i watched yesterday the third season of castlevania with a friend of mine. we enjoyed it, a lot. two twins, a girl and a boy, came to alucard's castle, saying that they are a vampire's followers, a vampire that abandoned her living place and came into dracula's army. alucard opened to them, it was such a nice thing to watch. he showed them things, even wanted to teach them magic. until episode nine, where alucard couldn't sleep and they twins came to him. and they...had s*x. they had a threesome. in the end, only to be shown that it was actually a trap, and they wanted to kill alucard, by saying that he hides things from them. anyways, alucard managed to kill them since he can control his sword with his mind, and they cut their throats before they killed him. and here, my respect for netflix just vanished. because what he did that night, it was unforgiveble. the thing that alucard hide this thing from me, made the whole situation worse. after the birthday party, yesterday night, i talked to hugue and told him that since he is a very good friend with alucard, he should be the "witness" to name it like this. he was there, to speak in the name of the other boys from my destiny. (before we went to alucard, we asked each guy what is his opinion about this) when we went into my room, he was there, next to the bed. i punched him in the face and he fell. i told him that he owes me some explanations. he said that his past is full of regrets and tried to hide this thing from me because he didn't wanted to hurt me. he loved me from the very first time he saw me, when i was just a child, and didn't wanted to hurt me with this "insignificant thing". (as he named it) he told me he put this memory in the darkest place of his mind and tried to forget it. he was too young, confused and it was more like a rape for him. he said he still had a hope for humanity back then. i kicked him again, and again, until he crawled to the wall. he was full of wounds. i felt a great thirstiness of blood and i started to scream "we all have a dark past, alucard. but nobody did what you did. should i remind you what i went through? do you remember when i was possessed by that demon? when i saw my father almost dying? when my own bff wanted to kill me and i had to kill her instead? you let yourself driven by the feelings and had s*x with two strangers. do you know what that means? you speckled our family's name, alucard. you speckled our pride. do you know what noblity means? what about royality? they are two precious terms, that every royal noble should respect with the price of his life. you forgot about lisa, your mother, which was killed by humans. what hope you had for humanity, when humans killed her with no right to do it so? especially that you had s*x with two, basically, kids. you did not known your place, you step on the family's pride and did what you wanted. do you know that we can kill you for that, right? we have a whole history together!! how could you do this to me? i thought i was wrong, when i pushed you away, back then, when i was young. but you did something that not even God could forgive. i loved you, alucard. (i took off my engagement ring and throw it to him. he caught it in his hand.)" i kicked him a few times more and he already started to spit blood. i took him by his collar and continued "those two half years with you were basically nothing. i didn't had, anyway, a possible future with you. goodness, what dreams i had with you...i really don't see why you'd want to hide the truth, when you know that it always makes it way to the surface. i loved you a lot because our history was very long." (for who doesn't know this, even though i've mentioned it before, me with alucard are cousins. our fathers are siblings) he looked into my eyes and told me "i loved you too...still doing it and i will still do it no matter what." i looked at him, slammed him into the wall and i noticed that i have blood on my hand. i licked it, i said "sweet" then rushed to his neck and start sucking his blood with so much thirstiness, with so much greediness. after i finished, he fainted. hugue asked me if he's dead, and i told him that the vampire's blood mechanism works differently. when the blood starts to run out, the body makes it continuously. since he was wounded, and i sucked it in big quantities, the blood stopped and he fainted. we went into my parent's room and i told them what happened. they told us to stay on their bed and calm down. they will take care of the situation from now on. they went into my room, where i left alucard and i sat with hugue on their bed, as they told us and i started crying in his arms. i was absolutely broken. after i calmed down a little bit, i called my master, telling him to come immediately to our castle. after a few minutes, my parents together with my master came into the room. my mother and master seemed sad, and my father was angry. he told me that what alucard did was unforgiveble and he has to pay for it with the price of his life. he locked him in the prison and i should not go to visit him. he said alucard will be removed from his function, by being decapitated in the front of the kingdom. unfortunately, yes, for us is shameful because we have such a person in our family. but this is how the rules are, so we must obey them. he said he will decide on his own, the day of the condemnation. until then, i should think of someone who will be my new prince. he said i will be the first one from the history who actually gets to choose her prince, the one who will rule with. he told me that today he should give us the answer for alucard's executation. i could barely sleep last night. i was so shamed, so sad for him. for our relationship. nobody, ever, could guess, that the prince would do such a thing. i was lucky to have my other lovers beside me, and i managed to get some sleep last night. even though my heart was shattered to pieces. also, my father already told me today the day of the alucard's execution: is going to be this wednesday. i also kinda know already who is going to be my new prince. (this i'm going to discuss in another blingee) i'm extremely sorry for him, that he did that and now he has to pay with the price of his life. it was also extremely painful for me, to make the decision. i teared apart our relationship and i really hope he will get what he deservers, in the underworld.
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