【03.09.2019】•【13:31】how should i begin...well. first,a friend of mine showed me some pictures of this anime named tong ling fei(physic princess). it's a chinese anime. we watched a few episodes and since it was comedy,i enjoyed it very much. especially,the protagonist,the prince,called ye wang,was very beautiful and i enjoyed it more than i should had. we stopped watching it since it was late and he headed to bed. i brought the prince into my spell and he came in my room. i asked him if he had any relationship with the girl,but he said it was only a love interest back then and nothing serious happened. i was very curious what's going on next. and i watched some amvs. seeing him forcing her to kiss him and keeping her closed in his room because he loved her,made me asked if i made the right choice to bring him into my spell. i talked to a sister of mine and she told me that's not okay. he was abusing her. in the end,of course,she also fall in love and married. my heart shattered. he basically lied to me. the next thing i did,was to remove him from my spell,then feel bad. next day,i told my friend that i don't wanna watch it anymore since we stopped the anime at the moment when all the perversity and romance started. he was fine with it. well,some weeks after,i reached the fillers in bleach with the zanpakutos materialized as humans. seeing byakuya's zanpakuto looking exactly like that prince,i said it's more like a jackpot for me. (i was already in a relationship with byakuya) not a long time after,the commander decided to also materialize the zanpakutos *in my spell* because they are more useful like this. senbonzakura came to byakuya and when i saw him,i blushed a little. we keep distance,since byakuya is kinda mean to senbonzakura and i'm pretty sure he wouldn't like him approach me. it's a complicated thing anyways. mika,my younger brother,kept insisting for us to make a cosplay to those two,the prince ye wang and the princess qian yun xi. last night,i've got no idea how,mika convinced byakuya to let us make cosplay to those two lovers. we went for measures at some tailors from my castle,for the clothes. mika ordered the clothes,lenses and wigs. (even though we look alike like them,i don't have the hair as long as hers plus i have brown eyes,not pink. also senbonzakura's hair is dark brown,not black and his eyes are blue and not that pink-purple) and now we are waiting for them. i am very nervous to be honest. because approaching like that to senbonzakura,it's very >< for me. i like him a lot. i admire him and like him. i talked to him before we went to bed and he told me he is also nervous. because it's up to byakuya everything. we cannot do anything without his agreement. for now,i think the clothes will arrive in a few days since he ordered them from afar. i'll keep you guys updated,after we make the cosplay! (anyways,we are making them for the sake of doing them,i'm not sure we will post them somewhere)
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asterioswaifu sagt:

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*^* 5*

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Very awesome artwork!.
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Wonderful work.

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(¯`v´¯) ♥♥♥ Awesome ♥♥♥
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    нυgѕ кяιѕнα ღ

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      Є •• Э      
       .Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ. ..ωOω.. 
     (.\.||./.).·´´¯`~♥ 5★☆★☆★

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Excelente (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥
5 stars.
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