Day Eight: Happiness

Day Eight: Happiness
【09. Jul. 2019】•【23:58】• I know I haven't been making any sappiness for four days. After hearing from you and Annie, that I should continue with it. I know I should had. And I will. I feel it is a lot needed, especially after what happened. Listen, love, you don't deserve anything I said. Yes, it was my feelings being spat out. But that's not how I should had went with it. I love you deeply and you deserve love, not cruelty. You given me more good things than the bad. But I know we will make it through, because we did so before. And I will not give up on someone who won't give up on me. You matter to me more than anything. You is the life that brought the me I never knew I had. You is the sun, that brights my cloudy days. You is just more than you is capable of. Don't say you deserve all of that. You deserve to be loved. We all make mistakes in our lives. None of us is perfect. We are two imperfect people. And we love each other a lot. And we will fight through this together. I love you, my love~ Please let this kill your emptiness numbness~
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MariaFlorencia sagt:

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Adorable (✿◠‿◠) 
5 stars.
Saludos (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

2Cool4Me sagt:

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❥ ❥ Love your
❤️ ᴮ̲̅ᴸ̲̅ᴵ̲̅и̲̅ᴳ̲̅є̲̅є


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Nancyjonas21 sagt:

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❤ Beautiful ❤
✩✩✩✩✩ +5 

feliciaswellis sagt:

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Fantastic Blingee 5*'s for YOU!!!

ursula48 sagt:

Vor 132 Tage
Für das schöne Bild gebe ich Dir alle Sternchen 5*und wünsche Dir einen schönen Mittwoch und liebe Grüsse Ursula

caesar59 sagt:

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                   ,(“)(“)ჱ 5*****
      Tee für dich--Tea for you

shayaan-246 sagt:

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..../(.....5 Stars *****
✿*✿*✿*✿ Have A Nice Day ✿*✿*✿*✿
          `*。.☆¨¯ Linda ¯★´*。. 

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