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【10.08.2018】•【00:27】last night,i gave gilbert the immortality. after the birthday party,we went to a forest and i inserted in his chest a light sphere. as i inserted,it started to hurt him. he lost the control to everything,and we could see a dark circle coming from the ground,and from it getting out a huge raven. (gilbert's chain) even the raven was hurt,because it also started to scream. we couldn't stop the procedure,anyway. at a moment,i could feel a big energy inside my body,making me scream. the other boys(sephiroth,vincent,alucard,undertaker,lysander,hugue and my younger brother,mikaela) also felt it. after we finished,i shook him,because he was feeling horrible. that procedure of giving someone the immortality and to make the power equal,hurts a lot. lysander and hugue also felt it. gilbert asked the raven what is he doing here. he answered that he felt a very powerful energy,and knowing gilbert,cannot controling him,he thought gilbert is attacked and he is almost dead. also the raven said "so...you are..the vampire princess." i get near to raven and i started to comfort his beak. i told him that i thought he is more scary. he answered me that he feels strange when he is near me,and his instincts tells him to not attack me. gilbert took my hand and kissed it. i told him that now,he is able to control the raven because i gave him half of my power. (long ago,when i was only with sephiroth together,we agreed to share our powers so we won't have conflicts who is more stronger. and now,me,sephiroth,vincent,alucard,undertaker,lysander,hugue and gilbert have same power). i told him to send back the chain. i took his hands into mine and i told him to focus on his wish. that black circle came out again,and the raven disappeared in it. we also found out our new power. that energy that made me scream when i gave gil,the immortality,was actually raven's power,getting into our bodies. i took a random sword and i tried to stab myself. but before it reached my chest,it broke down.
erstellt von: Teodoruka

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