let's leave no words unspoken

let's leave no words unspoken
3/17/2017 mia's chat. this took me almost 2 hours to make. so i really hope you like it!!

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.Zoey.101. sagt:

Vor 1 Tag
no for Yuri!!! On Ice. :/ I'm deVASTATED

.Zoey.101. sagt:

Vor 1 Tag
flippin sad becuase this anime special came out todaY AND I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE

.Zoey.101. sagt:

Vor 4 Tage
hiiii! *waves excitedly back* how have you been? :) And anything really! notifying people, contest, and also getting members. :3

.Zoey.101. sagt:

Vor 5 Tage
hey, heather! i was wondering if you wanted any help in your anime group. ^^

.Zoey.101. sagt:

Vor 20 Tage
that's terrible. :( i've never lost anyone in my family while i've been alive. My dad's parents passed away when I had just been born. So I don't really know what it feels like. And nope! Sorry! 

.Zoey.101. sagt:

Vor 21 Tage
oh, i heard about your loss. :( At least you're feeling better. ^^

.Zoey.101. sagt:

Vor 21 Tage
i'm good, and you? ^-^

.Zoey.101. sagt:

Vor 22 Tage

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