Evil Couple Episode 3 Do I Even Trust You?

Evil Couple Episode 3 Do I Even Trust You?
After School:''Tristan you got to believe me!'' Brittany said,''Brittany it's not true stop being a chicken ever sence you have looked in that closet you have been getting scared of everything i say!'' Tristan and Brittany just kept on fighting for ages Brittany started crying ''we-well then if you want to be so mean'' she started tearing up in sadness and fearness she ran away from Tristan ''Brittany wait!'' as he kept on looking in shock this is what happend. Well the night was shinning and the sky was glowing and the moon was beautiful it was great to get a bits of rest *yawns* ''i should get some rest'' Brittany went into her pj's and went to bed the bed was so warm.She went to sleep,while she was sleeping she heard a door opening she thought it was her mom putting new clothes so she could wear for school but she didn't hear step noises what could this mean? She shaked in fear and she really didn't want to look back because what if it's a monster?She know she didn't believe in monsters but what if it's real she didn't know what to do but to turn around and fight it or get killed by that scary monster. She turned around hoping it was just her dream but it was actually it was Tristan ''oh Tristan you scared me why are you here?'' ''well maybe i want to see you'' as he pecked at her cheeks ''Tristan stop pecking at my cheeks'' Brittany silently giggled.Then Brittany rustled Tristan hair up ''you look beautiful'' they bothed laughed ''so Brittany do you want to go to my house? to do some fun stuff'' ''and why should i?'' ''well do you even trust me?'' ''do i even trust you Tristan?'' ''well i guess you do because you are dating me'' Brittany giggled a little bit ''fine but let me get my shoes on and my coat'' ''ok yay!'' ''go for a sec'' ''ok my dear'' Tristan smiled and walked out of Brittany's room.Brittany thought for a moment ''how could Tristan find where i live i never told him my address,hmmm maybe he saw my house''. Brittany got ready she didn't want to Tristan to wait more longer she opened the door and there she was in long blue pants and shirt pj's with slippers and a coat and her Champion shoes ''do i look pretty?'' Brittany asked. ''he look way prettier then me'' they bothed laughed and went to Tristan house. Wait for the next episode of.... Evil Couple Made By KittyCatRarity2 Listen Brittany is real and so is Tristan
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A53042 sagt:

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lake-of-fire sagt:

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★☆ It's outstanding!!

+ 5 for you! ★☆

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✿゚ ゚̈✎ℓσνє ℓινє! ѕ¢нσσℓ ι∂σℓ ρяσנє¢т♪♥∞
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❺ Stars for you!!! 
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StarGlow7 sagt:

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so pretty! 5 stars!

KasabianGirl sagt:

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Beautiful ❤ 5* 

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(\ /)             
( . .)ℓσvεʟʏ :)   
 c(”)(”)5 stars

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Awesome! 5/5♥

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