.:(♥)Ms. Haunted's Backstory | Horrible Monster(♥):.

.:(♥)Ms. Haunted's Backstory | Horrible Monster(♥):.
(BTW, this pic is Ms. Haunted in her human form before she became a Creepypasta)///Today was a normal and peaceful day for Natalie Roulette, a normal 20 year old girl. She only had one friend, it was Jordan Maclain, because when Natalie wanted to be friends with more people, they are afraid of how 'tall' she looks. Later that morning, she headed to her home in the forest. "Ah, What a wonderful day in the forest. Hopefully--" She got cut off by a strange sound, apparently it was the sound of glass breaking. She rushed over to her bedroom and suddenly there was a person there. "Hello, Darling... Did you have a great day? Well, I hope you did because... I'M GONNA RUIN IT!!" A mysterious figure said, it had a demonic voice. It touched Natalie on the shoulder, black looking liquid went through her body. She fell on to her knees and hands, her whole body became to change. Her body height became a little taller, her pupils began to disappear and she had black tentacles coming out of her back... "What have you done...?" Natalie said, scared, "I have made you better and plus your best friend is dead... Now you shall be called, 'Ms. Haunted'" and by those words, the mysterious figure began to disappear in mid air, Natalie but now called Ms. Haunted, stood up on her feet and sat on her bed crying. Without looking she fixed the window by one wave of her hand. "Why have I become like this...? I'm just a horrible monster..." Ms. Haunted said, sadly. Suddenly there was a knock on her window, it was a very tall male in a suit and he had know facial features. "Come, miss... Don't be afraid, because I, myself have been through this problem as well" The suited male said, Ms. Haunted looked at him. "Oh okay... But, who are you?" She asked. "I am, Slenderman" Slenderman replied. Ms. Haunted opened the window and Slender grabbed her by his tentacles and brought her to the ground. "Follow me, miss..." He said and Ms. Haunted of course followed him. Slender walked through the forest Ms. Haunted was living in and in a few hours he brought her to his mansion. He opened the door and said, "My lady, this is my mansion. Now come in and let me show you everything there is in this mansion". Ms. Haunted walked inside and Slender headed in, behind her while shutting the door. Finally, there they were.... The Creepypasta's, everyone had there own place in this mansion. Two sitting on the couch playing video games, three in the kitchen and one in the corner laughing like a maniac. Later, Slender introduced Ms. Haunted to everyone and after a few days Slender has gained a crush on her. "Maybe It ain't so bad after all... These monsters are just like, me" Ms. Haunted said to herself.
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***Fantastic Blingee***

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Always five stars!! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Thank you for your friendship!
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FunnyPrincess... sagt:

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Good story:D
5Stars for you;3

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Realy CoOoL~<3 :D

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Hello my friend, your Blingee
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sparklegirl6688 sagt:

Vor 2027 Tage
Such a sad backstory but she's a great character! 5*

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