NOT TALKING ABOUT BLINGEE! You guys are to nice to be angry at XD <3 you! The girl in the pic really matches my feelings about this! Ok so in club penguin i was doing the pookie RP thing and ya I had this "sister" that was not a true friend! She kept asking other people if they wanted to be sisters. Which is fine and thats really nice but she would ask THE WHOLE FREAKIN PET SHOP! And once she got another sister she would totally abandon me and the about 5 other sisters who didint even like me and only liked her! And she kept telling me " dont say XD say lol or something!" UMMM EXCUSE ME! LOL IS SO OVER RATED! (XD kinda is to tbh) And what sounds funnier A. "MAKE IT RAIN XD!" Or B."MAKE IT RAIN LOL!" Of course its A! While im not saying "OMG I HATE LOL!!!!1!!!!!1111!!!! IS SO STOOPID!!!!1!!11!!" its just gotten really old and I like XD better. (I put the 1s in with the !'s on purpose btw) Then she started having a crush on this guy and it was gross! He kept trying to move away and she was a drama queen about it! Like OMG ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! Then she came crying to us! I was like HECK NO YOU KEEP TRYING TO REPLACE ME AND ALL THEESE OTHER GIRLS YOU PROBABLY DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT! WHY SHOULD WE COMFORT YOU! Ok I admit that does sound a little mean but she was being completely RUDE about it! Then one girl left and I left to and I told her this: "IM DONE BEING WISTAS! I CAN SAY XD IF I WANT!"I feel kinda bad but I bet shes just getting more sisters or as we CP people call it "wistas" and chasing more cute pookie guys! I wanted to pokemon RP after that but t hen this rant came in mind so I logged off. And DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON ANIMAL JAM! People are so judgmental there sometimes! Just because Im not a wolf or a fox or a eagle or because I dont dress like im in a battle royale version of warrior cats or im not part of a certain "clan" they dont wanna be my friend and completely try to avoid me! This happens with other people to I've seen it! SO WHAT I WANNA BE A BUNNY AND WEAR SUNGLASSES JUST BECAUSE IM NOT A WOLF AND DONT HAVE A SWORD OR RARE BOW AND ARROW YOU DONT WANNA BE MY FRIEND JEEZ! And moshi monsters THE.FREAKING.HACKERS! I got hacked once hacker was mean to all my friends and this girl named seawater of something like that was all like "OMG YOU FREAK UR SOOO MEAN DONT TALK TO ME!" And I kept telling her "I got hacked! That wasn't me!" but she wouldn't respond. She used to be my friend but after that she deleted me! And Movie star planet! People make fun of my user name they're like "Omg I hate club penguin" Yea like saying THAT was necessary! And just cuz I dont look like Lindsey Lohan means im not "Cool enough" What the heck! Overall If your in a friendship with someone in a virtual world dont abandon them! And dont be mean to people there! Also dont friend someone just because what they look like! Love y'all! SG <3
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xMimichu sagt:

Vor 287 Tage
So true. I agree with you, this actually happened to me 2 times! 
Like, why can't people just respect each other? :(

theswanprince... sagt:

Vor 1861 Tage

madoka12345 sagt:

Vor 1887 Tage
me too,  I was playing the game, and someone on club penguin had posted me that bad word!

SunMoonStars sagt:

Vor 1898 Tage
beautiful 5* 

Hope you had a terrific Sunday...blessings...

japanfan12345 sagt:

Vor 1899 Tage

VelvetValentine sagt:

Vor 1899 Tage
I know how you feel.
That's one reason I quit Club Penguin.
Too much drama. 5*

MusashiMurayama sagt:

Vor 1899 Tage

HannahJuly sagt:

Vor 1899 Tage
If I could remember by cp password, I'd be your friend.
5 stars btw.

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