This is the End of the Innocence

This is the End of the Innocence
Inspired by a Bic I brought of a woman with red hair, green eyes and a painted skill face. A snake is around her neck and the word "Dia De Los Merios" is across the lighter (The Day of The Dead) A lot of the scopes, literally write in "you may think you have control but,..." And some horoscopes seem to be light years ahead of me but, I never get lost in what I can't answer. I enjoy the mystery of discovering how interesting, complex and mysterious life is. I know I'll never have to the answers to everything BUT, I am capable of seeing how far this whole "GAME" goes. I enjoy that. And although it appears that I am 6-2 years behind emotionally, I am not. I just become creative with the illusions. In all honestly, my three Blinee accounts are more than gold in court. I have so much proof of mind control with stamps being loaded to support mind control that I believe I am one of the few targets I've seen who've expressed themselves in such a way. The very first picture I made on AliceIris711 was made when I knew I was being watched and when I had no clue I was a target of the government. I have saved promotions of "Gothic Dreams," "Please Stop The Gothic Dreams," and "Sensual Dreams."
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AliceIris711: Dear God
__Forever Young____________
|_____●live●your●life●   bus_|
|__________________ |_| ____|
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"the world did not make me so, it will not break me." Quote


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End of the innocence (good sound) 

I have posted this video numerous times and the FBI-CIA posted a comment that was not there before. But, they have it set to look like a 3 year old comment. 

3 years ago
That was so beautiful :]
(the default is on an animated woman holding a gun) 
Psychological operations are scare tactics

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