Legend of Alinka

Legend of Alinka
Link: Alinka, you're such a baby! You can't even pick up a sword! *Laughs* Alinka: SHUT UP BRO!!!!!!!!!!! Well at least Im beautiful Link: A hero is more handsome Alinka: *Scowl* A green flash appears Alinka: Huh? *Follows it* What is that flash? *There is a sword in her hand from the flash* Link will be amazed >:) Link: *Far away* Baby sis what are you doing? Alinka: *She gets a green tunic and pink eyes* Yaaaaay! I don't like pink but pink eyes are nice Link *comes* Alinka: Are you laughing now bro? >:) Link: Uh.. yes! Because you can't fight >:) Alinka: Really? >:/ Link: Yes! *Laughs* Alinka: Maybe I can't :( Link: Such a baby! XD Alinka: What are you thinking??!! >:( I can!!! *Sees a monster* MONSTERRRR!!!!! *Kills it* Huhh.. Link: Hahaa!! At least I dont scream like a girl! Another monster comes but Alinka doesn't scream Monster: You're not scared! >:( *tries to bite Alinka* Alinka: You're not scary! *Kills it* ahahahahaa!! Link: You're boring /: *goes away* Zelda: Comes Hi Alinka, want to go with Zelfine? Alinka: Good news, I'm a fighter like Link :D *Raises her sword* Zelda: Wow *o* Alinka: Okay, let's go :) In Sunshineville Alinka: Hi Zelfine :) Zelda: My eyes hurt from the yellowness *Puts pink sunglasses* Better Zelfine >:/.. Hi Alinka <3 Alinka: I'm a fighter like my bro Zelfine: Really? *Blushes* Alinka: Yeah :) Zelda: Cool right? Zelfine: It's so cool :D Alinka: :D Zelda: Yeah :D Alinka: *To herself* if there is a new enemy who wants to make everything evil, I will defeat him! Zelda: Gee I wonder what Gianan's up to Alinka: Who's Gianan? Zelda: An evil witch who wants to make everything evil! Alinka: *Gasps* If she is here, I will make her a 100000000000 pieces! Zelfine: But Ali-- Alinka: Really! Gianandorf: *Appears on her stick* Did I hear someone say they want to make me 1000000000 pieces? Alinka: *Gasp* So you are Gianan, the evil witch who will make everything evil? Zelda: *Gasp* Gianandorf: Yes! And I will have my sweetie to help me! Alinka: What sweetie?! Gianandorf: Soloford, the handsome wizard.. *Falls in love* Alinka: I will make that Solo into 10000000000 pieces! Gianandorf: >:( I will do that with you after making everything evil! *Disappears with dark *flash Alinka: Noo!!! D< Monsters are everywhere and they surround Alinka, Zelfine and Zelda To be continued
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theswanprince... sagt:

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Super Exciting!

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      . ✿ƸӜƷ ✿  
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lindo e mimoso!

roangels sagt:

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   sua obra de arte!

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