A+ Band Anime Version **Version 2.0**

A+ Band Anime Version **Version 2.0**
This is there 2nd Band Version its 2.0 but anyways the first one is named **Shokenshortkasa or his Nicknamed Shokens** and he is 15 and he lives in Canada Currently he plays ln the Wintertusk and Summertusk Series Current Relashionship is with Aurora Sharp Shes 14 :]the next 1 is Blake Icebreaker From Orginal Series Bows and Arrows and also now playing as character: Xvaver fireblazer **Seen above Sims 2 sign** also his current location is unknown because we dont know him that good but he is from sims2 for now :],3rd one Is named Tiffany Anvilgem Now she was fred goldenswords Wife then she had Laura Fairyfriend **Not in picture** and she lives in Russia and plays Tiffany in Wintertusk and Falltusk and Springtusk but currently she doesnt work for wintertusk right now so she only appears in Falltusk and Springtusk the Picture above the Russian Flag is her Skater Party Russian Racism Joke XDD Picture lol,4th one is Caccia Bonstrider Gransle i love him because i am his girlfriend :] he currently lives in Italy,Florence and he's 18 and is a millionaire.... ^^ im Married Too him currently so dont ask him out or your dead - shoots -,Bunny Above Italy Flag is The easter Bunny photo from easter 2000 anime version 1.99,5th person .... - Low Growl- Nathan Bonstrider Gransle is His <____< Oldest Brother in his family he's in jail for Rape and Killing first degree murder of his mother at a young age of completing her worldwide adventures :)He played in dalaran which was in the final season of wintertusk season 3 of Death of icecrown and Rebirth of Icecrown and returns in Summertusk so where close :3
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