Mystery in the Music Room Joyful226

Mystery in the Music Room  Joyful226
"Listen darling we can work this two ways. You can either pay me the amount of money I want or I can go to the police and tell them a marvelous story about how you defrauded the public with your new theater for the performing arts." Threatened Margo Thornton as she drew in a puff on her cigarette and blew it out slowly as if she were sure of the answer from her conquest that she was trying to blackmail. Alison Montgomery was a very talented musician that had been left a fortune by her family. Today was her wedding to Geoffrey Hinsdale. Alison was stunned at this news Margo was accusing her of doing. She had never defrauded anyone how could this strange women... that she had never met before this very day.. come into her home and accuse her of such a thing? As a matter of fact how did this Margo person know who Alison was? Well on second thought, a lot of people knew her that she didn't know, because of being in the society page of the papers, and for using the golden spade to dig the first hole for the foundation of the new Montgomery-Hinsdale Performing Arts Center at the college in town. And well she was a well known concert pianist as well.. It was true there were others that wanted to donate to the project, but Alison had a huge finance committee on it to make sure everything was done on the up and up. So who was this Margo Thornton? What did she know or was she just an extortionist without any basis of fact? It was well known that the Montgomery Hinsdale wedding was uniting two of the richest families in the area. Maybe Ms. Thornton was just after some of that money.... That was the beginning..... Alison told Margo. "Listen I have no idea who you are, nor do I have any idea why you are here. But it sounds to me you have no foundation for anything you are saying. And right now Geoffrey and I are to get married please leave. .." Margo laughed "Go ahead and get married but I'll be waiting until after the nuptials are over." Alison slowly arose from the piano bench where she was sitting and left the room. After the wedding was over and the reception was finished. Alison went back to the music room to work on a composition she had started. Geoffrey followed her into the room. "Dearest," Geoffrey started" Don't let this women get you down she can't know anything, because there is nothing to know please dearest don't let it ruin our special day."...... "Oh Geoffrey I don't understand why she is after me or wants to blackmail me? I haven't done anything to anyone." Geoffrey took Alison in his arms and held her and petted her hair with his hand, cuddled her close to his heart and said "It will be ok dearest don't worry about it." At that moment they heard a lighter click the pungent smell of cigarette smoke. Margo Thornton was waiting as she promised. "Oh my what a tender love scene between the two of you... Don't get use to it, or you can pay me a nice tidy sum of money to keep me quite." "Who are you" Screamed Alison "You know I have done nothing wrong. Why are you doing this to me?" Margo Thornton laughed and said "Well darling I need money, and you have got money and so what if you did nothing wrong I can make it look like you did and they will put you away for a long long time." She said sardonically. Geoffrey stepped in at this point as Alison started across the room to tear into the stranger. Geoffrey held Alison's arms. And said Alison don't do this she is trying to do anything she can so she can call the police if you go after her she will say you assaulted her. Stop it Alison Get hold of yourself!" Alison was so distraught, confused and upset. Geoffrey called for the maid to remove Alison from the room and take her to her bedroom chamber, and to give her a sleeping pill. Geoffrey sarcastically thought " This is a great way to start a marriage. He turned to Margo. "I want you to leave this house now." "I'll be glad too as soon as you give me a 100,000 dollars to keep me shut up." Geoffrey's voice became low dark and calculating and said "Get out!" Margo drew in another drag from her cigarette and blew it into Geoffrey's face and said.. " NO I don't think so." ... Chapter 2.. It was the next day when Alison awakened and came down into the music room and discovered the dead body of Margo Thornton lying on the floor. Alison screamed and the household came running. Oh Misses Hinsdale what happened." Asked the maid Maggie Watson. Alison was dumbfounded and staring nearly in the state of being catatonic and slowly shook her head.. "I..I don't know" Then she came out of it a bit and said "Where is Geoffrey?" ..... "Oh misses Mr. Hinsdale said he had to go to town today and would be back soon." Alison grew almost hysterical Maggie I need Geoffrey get me Geoffrey." .... Just then Geoffrey came home and heard the commotion in the music room. He ran in and saw his hysterical wife then saw the body of the strange women. "Alison, Alison have you called the police." Alison shook her head "No" "Oh Geoffrey" she cried" I just came down and found her like this." Geoffrey went to the phone and called the police. But what happened to the blackmailer? There was nothing that showed any struggle, nothing that showed anything at all? No noticeable wounds of any kind. Why was she dead? Who was she and why did she pick on Alison Montgomery Hinsdale? Who put her up to this? So many questions and no answers. Alison became overwhelmed and fainted.
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