Scamp and Independence argue

Scamp and Independence argue
Scamp follows Independence into a dark place, Independence turns around and sees Scamp standing there, she get furious at him Independence: Why did you follow me here? I told you to leave me alone! Scamp: Indy please don't leave this way! I'll do anything for you,I'll have more pups, I'll even kill Angel if you want me too just please don't leave me like this! Independence: I'm sorry Scamp I don't love you anymore! You go back to Angel I don't need you anymore! Scamp: No Indy please! *he lies on the floor begging and crying* Please Indy I can't live without you just please don't leave me! Independence: You already betrayed me once I will not allow it to happen again *walks off into the darkness* Scamp: Oh Indy I'm soo sorry!
erstellt von: Regentvice

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Angela1a1a1a1a1a sagt:

Vor 2789 Tage
Poor Scamp :'(

scampskey89 sagt:

Vor 2789 Tage
oh :( scamp :*(

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