the tragic grand dutchiss anastasia romanov

the tragic grand dutchiss anastasia romanov
this is the anastasia born in june 1901 she was the yonigest daughter but not child of the lat tsar of she had 3 older sisters olga tatiana marie and a younger brother russia nickolas the 2 she was just 17 when her famaley got shot in july 17 1918 many rumurs of her survival showed up when a women called anna anna andrewson said she was anastasia but dna testing in 1994 proved she was not meny women clamed to be her the remains of her famaley where found in 1991 but her body was missing along with her brother untl 2008 Her possible survival has been disporvein in 2008 in russia they found her remains proven by dna no one survivaed you shoud know who she is and i am bad at explaning things she is my fav princess ever and my fav person ever i am her number 1 fan her stroy is so tragc i cryed when i saw her get shot comeing from a person who hardly ever crys this is a pictre of the real her i love her i thak she is the most beutiful girl fun fact is is a great grand daughter of queen victora look it up if you want to know more about her
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Crazy don't know how but I just learned of this story not to very long ago. It deffentally was on the computer but I know know if it was a docamentry or an artical but either was I had found the story very interesting. Dang now I want to know where I first learned about this...

kizmet120 sagt:

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very beautiful!!!!  my grandfather may have known her.. his name was nikolye lippy or something.. my mom won't tell me because i guess she is paranoid! haha! he supposedly worked for the czar or russia or something.. but escaped from the war and married my grandmother!

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