I feel your heart so close to mine...

I feel your heart so close to mine...
Dear whoever is reading this. It's a cold story,also a sad one.It's mine. Every second girl in this world fakes a smile. Everyday. And so do I. So please,tell me,do you see the tears behind my smile? That I prefer to laugh then to explain why I cry ? That you have feelings,more then your heart can feel? That you hide your feelings because you just feel so alone in this world? He has a girlfriend. He's maybe 20 years older then you. But you just give a fuck on this facts. In your dreams you can live just of love. Laughing about stupid things,feel your heartbeat,kiss all the time. You don't want to stop. You just feel more like possible. You're miles,miley,miles away,and you never will know my name or who I am. You will marry her,become children and successful in your job. You will love her and your child and be happy. Oh me,? I will count all the stars for you. On every star will be my good wishes for you and your family. I pray every night for you,don't give a fuck about my own feelings.You just must be happy. And if you want another girl for be happy,I am lucky for you. If you're happy,I am happy. So you never will meet me,you never can hold me and kiss me like you did in my dreams last night.In your life we go different ways,but listen : I feel your heart so close to mine,no matter that everything is just my dream.
erstellt von: ana13001

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dalmy98 sagt:

Vor 2801 Tage
Ana that so

U made me cry</3

xVerilein sagt:

Vor 2801 Tage
Hast ja so recht :s

TwilightLover373 sagt:

Vor 2802 Tage
LOVE it, amazing, +5

HannahCyrusBe... sagt:

Vor 2802 Tage
Super Artistic And Beautiful!!!<33!5*

-Everlasting sagt:

Vor 2802 Tage
omfg i totally relate to this.
except the 20 older part lolol

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