For Diamonds Do Appear To Be, Like Broken Glass To Me.

For Diamonds Do Appear To Be, Like Broken Glass To Me.
| Inu (Thats pretty much it, his parents never got around to name him yet, trieing to figure out a special name for him all these years.) |Age: 14 |Species: Wolf, Human |Status: I don't have time for love I need to seek revenge for my family! |Personality: Braveish, Nice, Insecure, Shy, Alert, Paranoid, Weak, Risk-taker, Hides alot, Scared-easily, Forgiving, Begger, Spoiled, Flexable, sensitive, cauious, not adventurious, independent, educated, not-behaved right, curious, trustworthyish, generous, calm, quiet, selfish & sometimes un-selfish, confused, disciplined, always right on time for anything, smart-mouth, jokester, doesn't get excited easily. | Powers: From the water tribe & ice tribel has water & ice powers & can turn to a wolf at any time sometimes even randomly. | Loves: Insects (especially butterflies, even though he's called girly for liking that stuff xP), indoors & outdoors, the colour blue, cooking, fighting (Even though he kind of sucks at it; still training, movies, playing in the snow, surfing, swimming, sports (especially swimming), likes dogs & wolves only, playing fetch & does whatever wolves like to do & some dog stuff (sometimes he acts like one too, because his parents when they got older decided to be wolves, will be explained in life-story of his.), music, playing guitar. Sleeping (Even though it's hard for him since he is an insomniac.), treats, dog-food, tennis balls, howling @ the moon. |Hates: Being called 'weak' & 'girly', not knowing about electronics & such, not fitting in, regular humans (Explained in life-story), being sorrow because of his dead parents. |Life-Story: 14-year old Inu-Kun is a human-wolf (Although he prefers his human form because he was raised that way mostly) whose parents were dead one night visiting a new place on Earth rather than living in a cold icey place in the water/ice tribe. As they find a new home in the forest after long hours of traveling scientists were trieing to figure out about these new kind of species of wolves. Somehow they can turn human whenever they want, & sometimes by accident. Some can even learn special powers. However once that person whom is half wolf turns to their adulthood stage they must decide either they want to stay a wolf, or turn human. While traveling hunters find three wolves wondering in the forest. Scared & confused Inu not knowing what's going on, his parents whom decided to protect their only child but they end up getting shot. Inu gets so angry he turns human out of no-where, about to kill the hunters who killed his famiy. The hunters run away, & he is left sorrow & lost, mad at how he could of saved them himself. He got educated back in his home-land by his grandmother who decided to stay human not wolf. Now must find a way so he can protect his other loved-ones as he stuggles to trust humans in his way. | Theme Song - 'Some Sense Of Security' | Saosin. / 'Northern Downpour' | Panic! At The Disco.
erstellt von: Soulangel11

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sweetgirl1995b sagt:

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.... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (	
/ \ ♥♥ 10★★★★★


jessixox602 sagt:

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55050 sagt:

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¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸♥.•*¨) (¸.•´¸♥➷♥¸.•´♥¸.•´
Your work and creativity.~5★
Thank you for your friendship & comments

LunarianRaven sagt:

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Aw how adorable :)

wroni87 sagt:

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So amazing!!!!! (ړײ)

xDkimberlyDx. sagt:

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sweetterror sagt:

Vor 2798 Tage
excellent 5* ☺♥☺

dejiko_nyo_08 sagt:

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