Loved Or Alone - A SonAmy Story - FULL

Loved Or Alone - A SonAmy Story - FULL
The first place that I can well remember when I was young(when I was in love with Sonic), was a world whitch had only us and our friends in it, it was a priv ate world, but our world was nearby the humans world, only a few miles away. When I was young, I lived apon Sonic, because he was the one who made me feel safe. In the daytime, we used to go running side by side(at Sonic's speed), and at night we lay down close to eachother. When it was hot, we used to hang with our frineds(who were Blaze, Silver, Knuckles, Cream, Rouge, and Tails), but when the winter came, it used to be just me and Sonic, as we had no one else to spend the wintertime with. Eggman was in our world, too, but he was very nearby. He was older than what we ever were; I used to try and defeat him, but I would always fail. One day, Eggman had a deal of trying to destroy me, Sonic just came out of nowhere and saved me from getting crushed, and he said, "Eggman has never learned any lesson, so he may say he will destroy you, but he never will; because you have a hero who is by your side who would never let that happen. So be aware, and be careful!" Sonic said, warning me. I have never forgotten Sonic's advice; as I knew he was as young as I was, and he had been defeating Eggman all of the time, but will Eggman ever settle down? I was 13 years old when Sonic and I were seperated; I was left with my friends, but they wouldn't comfort me as much as Sonic did. And Sonic was in a human's world; and without Sonic, I couldn't go on without him. Once I was hanging with my friends, I wasen't acting cheerful and bright as I usually do, I was acting miserable and lonley, because without Sonic here with me, I would never feel the same. "Amy, what's wrong? Why are you acting so miserable? You are never like this; if you tell me what is wrong, I could try and comfort you," Rouge said. "Oh Rouge, you see, I am fine. But thank you anyways." I said. "You're more than welcome, sweety." I don't feel right without Sonic here with me, I no longer have a hero, I no longer have somebody to love, and I have turned so lonley. But I always remember to never give up hope, we will meet again, even if it took my whole life to see him, I know I would, just someday. I was now 16 years old, and Sonic was still not in sight. I had waited 3 years to see if we'd be reunited. But I guess, we never will. A huge robot appearred in our world; it was Eggman. My heart started to pound harder and harder, because I knew that I had no one to save me. Suddenly, I saw a yellow light in they sky, I kept quite. Then, it started to collide with the monster, and after that, there was only the yellow light, and the monster of Eggman was gone. I was amazed. I couldn't believe what I saw. I was hoping that it was Sonic, because usually he goes yellow when he goes super. The light flew over to where I was standing, and as it got closer, I could recongize the face, it was Sonic. I was right, it was him. I couldn't believe what was happening, it felt like a dream. "Amy," he said."It's you, I've been around the earth searching for you, and I guess that you weren't anywhere else but here." "Sonic, I've been worried without you, I felt like I wasen't going to live anymore, because I just couldn't go on without you; or if I did, I would never be the same." said I. "I feel the same way, I love you, and I promise to never leave you." "I love you too, and if we did seperate again, it wouldn't ever be a dream." I can't believe it, my Sonic is back here with me, I feel as if I have been alone, and I have been taken into the 'loved' part once again. "Come on, Sonic" said he."Lets return to our world." Sonic and I were reunited to ourselfes, and also, our home. Our friends are still here, so we are not alone. Sonic and I are now married, like he never told me in my younger years. We are settled down happily, Sonic nor I have nothing to fear; and now the story ends. My troubles are all over, and I am here with my Sonic; and often before I am awake, I know I am still in our normal world with Sonic and my friends, standing with my old friends under the orchard trees. Thanks for reading i hope you liked it

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