Ginga densetsu Tucker chapter 1 part 1: Tucker meets Jun

Ginga densetsu Tucker chapter 1  part 1: Tucker meets Jun
In Japan there's a place know as Ohu there lives a pack of dogs and their leader Weed but his wife and pup is on the other side of the world Tucker looks and sees a dog stalking the birds and waits The other dog is Jun the Swift he is the son of Jerome. *Jun looks and sees a dog and growls low* Then Tucker attacks trying to get the bird. sees Tucker "THAT IDIOT WHAT IS HE DOING! oh DANG!" Tucker looks back and runs after the bird Jun caught "WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRAT"!? Jun yells "GIVE ME THAT BIRD NOW STRANGER!" Tucker yells "Why would I give it to you"? yells Jun. Jun throws Tucker and Tucker falls in the bush behind a giant tree "Haha! dang brat he doesn't know how to attack....Oh" "YAAAAA!" yells Tucker and grabs the bird "WAIT KID!" Jun yells and pins Tucker down "You don't know how to stop!" he said "NO THIS IS MINE!" Tucker repliyed "Still saying that" Jun says his teeth feels blood on Tucker's fur "I will not let go if I was a little bigger I.....I... I'm sorry mother I won't be making it back" Jun looks at him in shock "wait a minute Mother you mean your not the only one here where is your mother"? he asks "She's sick she's been sick for days" Tucker replyied Jun looks at him and lets go "Take it but don't do it again what you did was Theivery hurry before I make up my mind" Jun says as he puts his head away.
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