Toxik Waste/Raptures Revenge/Rated R ID

Toxik Waste/Raptures Revenge/Rated R ID
New Paranormal/Mutated roleplay character. Name: He has many names, the main 3 are Toxik Waste, Raptures Revenge, and Rated R. Nicknames: Double R, Toxic, Rapture. Age: His age is weird. It'll be explained in his backstory. Gender: Technically genderless, but goes by a male. Personality: Psycho, crazy, cannibalistic, somewhat mysterious, scary, badass XD. Parents: He was made in a lab, but he had the DNA of several animals that were used to create him. Siblings: He was an experiment, all the other failed attempts are/were considered his siblings. Crush: Nope, no ladies for me, i might end up eating them. (Did I mention hes cannibalistic? ;D) Mate: Well...maybe. Only for the offspring though, young meat is the best >:) Kids: Maybe one to carry on my bloodline, but only the perfect offspring, all the others I'll eat. Likes: Eating, killing, blood, gore. Dislikes: Cute things, creatures that try to befriend him, colorful things. History: He was part of a future lab experiment to create a new species of animal that could protect the human race. After hundreds of failed attempts, they created him. But they found out he was a killing machine, and he might turn on them, so they tried to 'unwind' him. That's technically killing him, but taking all of his DNA to pass down. He killed everyone that tried to unwind him and went to the past, where he travels from city to city, killing other living creatures and swallowing them whole. He traveled to 3 different decades, 80's, 90's, and the 2000's (He comes from the 2100's). In each different decade/century, he made up a different name. Toxik Waste because his DNA was reinforced with toxic waste so he would be radioactive. Toxik Waste was the 80's. Raptures Revenge in the 90's because Rapture was the man who thought of creating him, the real reason he was supposed to be made is so he could kill all those who though Dr. Rapture was shunned by most people, but became the greatest scientist of that time. He lied and said that the creature would be made to protect the human race instead of destroy it. Rated R in the 2000's because he was so crazy and psychotic and morbid that the human eye almost couldn't handle it. Anyone ready to roleplay with this guy? XD Watch out, hes very likely to try and kill your character.
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Awesome look!!! :D

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