Our last moments.

Our last moments.
I hold back tears as my head rises and sinks to the rythmatic pulse of her fading heart. My ears refuse to believe what they are hearing. The sound of her once strong heart loosing its energy to fight. Her delicate fingers weave in and out of my hair. Her beautiful smile is placed upon her face like always. If she is in pain she doesn't show it. Feathers dance around us as if in remembrance of our last act together. A far off memory collides with my being. Her laugh echos in my ears from the first time we met. When I had flapped my wings to shake off all the warn out feathers in the midst of the forest. I hadnt known she was behind me. We were just little kids then. I had turned around in fear. To find her standing in the clearing, wearing her mothers tattured dress. Something was different about her than any other human I had ever laid eyes on before. She walked towards me without a hint of fear. I finally made a friend. Someone who wasnt scared of me. "will you do that again?" she had asked. With out hesitating I obeyed her. My feathers cascaded her innocent figure. She was laughing once again. Claiming the feathers tickled her. I had asked her why she wasnt afraid of me. She had wrinkled her nose as in disgust. "Why would I be?" she asked defiantly. "well everyones scared of me." I sighed. "they shouldn't be." she shot back while circling around me, studying my body. "are you a bird?" she asked confused. "I don't know what I am." i mummbled. "well thats silly." she chuckled. May I touch your feathers?" I moved the tip of my wing in front of her face. She grabbed my wing with her hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you bird." Reality came crashing back when I heard my love whisper "I love you." I blinked as if trying to arouse myself from a dream and whispered I love you back. I have seen many acts of injustice in my days, but for someone like Ally to be dying.. is just wrong.Once again her voice broke the silence. "Close your eyes and focus on our last moments together. For me." I closed my eyes and focused on my senses. Recording every last detail. Mintues later my eyes shot open already filling with tears. The soft drumming in the background had faded and disapeared.. her heart wouldnt beat ever again..
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devil99099 sagt:

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yeah I didnt read it all but it sounded good and I like the pic. 

florybrown sagt:

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snoopus2 sagt:

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This is gorgeous.. love it.

sarayminerva sagt:

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Rosealia sagt:

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How come none of your other blingee's have poems?

liiziiee2010 sagt:

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