#My Ness.♥

#My Ness.♥
Hey little sister: D Sorry if I was not there the day of your birthday, but I could not enter:( For this thing i hope that the birthday was fantastic like you sis :* I love you girl Because now you're not part of my life, you are my life. You're the smile on my face, your hello. You are the tears on my face, when you let yourself go to infinite sweetness. You're my pride when I can make you smile. You are the sadness that I asssale when you suffer. You're my sleep thinking about tomorrow, hoping they will continue to be part of it. You're all that was missing in my life. You are forgiveness in your hugs. You're my laughter when I jokingly insult. You're my embarrassed smile to your kiss. .. You're everything that makes me happy. You know, you came all at once in my life. And you become so important, not that much time has passed since I met you. Since that time while I spoke, I looked at the depth of your eyes, your those big brown eyes that I adore. It is past time, since we started joking .. but enough time has passed for fear of losing you. It's been enough to start being a little jealous. It's been enough to tell you that I love very well. I am ready to spend another afternoon with you, because I love the way you can make me laugh, I am ready to stay awake another night by 3:30, doing stupid, 2365645894 smiles showing teeth are ready to embrace many more times ; to give you a kiss on the cheek in the morning, good morning: I am ready to fall asleep every night watching that gave me that poster for my birthday, what I like. I am sure, and perhaps the only certainty I have in my life that whatever happens I will not go away. Yes, you understand? I'm staying, because that day in September I did not know just a new classmate, or a person to say hello, but I met a true friend, I met my happiness, the reason for my smile. I met a wonder that the sun envy of every smile You know, know it was the best thing, because right now, I can not imagine my days go on without you.
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delisss sagt:

Vor 3182 Tage

MaUzZzi sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage

marta_flor sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage

ness5FF sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage
Ill never let you go.
Please never leave me.
I need you x3
You are the best, Angy **
Please stay with me forever♥
I'm nothing without you.

I love you so much more then you can imagine, there isn't a words or a sentence for how much I freaking love you :3
I just hope someday I can show you that, but I don't think it's possible.
I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(...) freaking much Angy.
Je t'aime♥

Our friednship will last 4ever♥

ness5FF sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage
Don't shed a tear, whenever you need me Ill be here.
You know you can always on me, I know I can always count on you too, that is friendship *-*
I'm gald I have you, my life wouldn't be the same without you, in fact Idk if it would exist.
You are my life now, you are everything for me. Without you? N E V E R.
You are one to keep for the rest of my life.
You are so important to me, you don't know how much.

ness5FF sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage
You have a huge piece of my heart.
I need it to survive, I feel like I have a piece of yours too. You are just like an angel, you are perfect, you make me feel safe. With you there's nothing I can't do, with you I can even touch the sky. You are magical. 
When you're down you know you can count on me for anything, any time you need me I'm here for you like I always were sweetie♥

ness5FF sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage
You are like a dream, something that appears one day in your life and you think that it's just and ilusion, even today it looks that you are too perfect to be real.
Once you were a dream, the dream that I most wished to come true, now you are a reality, one of the friends that are more important to me. One of the friends that I keep in my heart, one of those friends that I just feel like hug them and keep them safe in my heart, so they can be with me for ever.

ness5FF sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage
There is a dream I've been chasing, want so badly for it to be reality...and when I see your smile I know that that dream came true *-*

'Cuz sista when you're with me, it's like an angel came by and took me to heaven.

Cuz when I spend my afternoons with you, it couldn't be better.

So let the music it blast
We gon' do our dance
Praise the doubters on
They don't matter at all
'Cuz this life's too long
And this love's too strong
So baby know for sure
That I'll never let you go

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