Cerulean Fangs :D (from left: Alerio, Azami, Ezio, Etsu)

Cerulean Fangs :D (from left: Alerio, Azami, Ezio, Etsu)
Four wolves playfully tackled each other as they cavorted around in the snow, their tongues flapping about and their silky fur shimmering like the ground cloaked in white frothy snow. Each wild dog was a grey wolf, large but slightly scrawny. Azami – the wisest of the wolves, had a thick white coat and a fierce scar across his left eye. His fur had a tint of grey but was far from dull. Ezio – the largest of the group, had bright blue eyes complimenting the dark streaks of black running down his back and the mask-like marking on his face. Etsu – the very smallest member had a slim face and a big black nose, standing out from her white fur which was stained slightly from dry mud which she had never cleaned off. And lastly, Alerio – his fur was matted and grey, almost dim, but his demure personality was distinctive and he was rather aloof. He was assumed to be selfish, but deep down he cherished the forest and his siblings he had lived with for many years.
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i miss running with the pack.........

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