The Most Intelligent Person I Know

The Most Intelligent Person I Know
My Nephew he is a walking encyclopedia. One of my favorite stories is...We were in a reading club (My son Keith, Josh (about the age of 8 or 9)and his big Brother George along with their Mom and myself) So we are doing discussion time about a book of a mouse family and Joshua pipes in and precedes to tell us the scientific terms and names for the mice and other things in the book and all that is a total impossibly of this story. Peoples mouths were just dropping open. LOVED IT...He never stops amazing me...he is artistic in the fields of sketching and writing. He creates comic books of sorts doing the whole thing from start to finish. He has such a beautiful mind. He acted in High School; I had the pleasure of attending one of his performances he played Huck in the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" WOW and was he ever BRILLIANT (totally amazed me because generally he is a very shy person) And now he is attaining ROTC preparing to go into the Army (Computer Intelligence). ... ... PS to protect his privacy I will not be posting this to FB where he does play around with his friend...So please I ask you to not like this on with the FB thumb Thank you for understanding. ... ... .. .. . .2011 April 2
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Elarn03 sagt:

Vor 3380 Tage
How many people do you know with an Autistic spectrum? I know only two others and they are both boys, my cousin Brody and my friend Jacob. I have it myself. If someone asks you to name the people you know with Autism, can you add my name to the list? (My name is Elarn (pronounced ee-larn). A lot of people at school call me the walking calender because I remember every date.  

Nanoue53 sagt:

Vor 3387 Tage
╔╝♥╚╗ (¯`v´¯)
╚═♥═╝ `•.¸.•´  IT  And I ♥ U  xx Nan 

muddk75 sagt:

Vor 3390 Tage
Amazing! God bless him and the best of luck to him! 

LillySwanC sagt:

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| ___ | )______Excellent__________
|___ /________ Creation__________
|__ / |__________I________________
|_ / ( | ,\_________Applaud__________
|_ \_ | _/_________You______________

wackowoman sagt:

Vor 3390 Tage
WOW way cool!!

Tuckahoe1 sagt:

Vor 3390 Tage
Luv this Ilsa!!!

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