Carrie bio

Carrie bio
Name: Carrie Maria Rail Age: 19 (Technically 24, since her kids are five and she had them when she was nineteen) Height: 5.4 (Shes short D:) Weight: 98.5 lbs. (And skinny) Hair: Platinum blond, with black highlights underneath. Eyes: Frosty blue. Gender: Female of course. Mom: Victoria Rail (Lasota is her maiden name). Father: Robert Rail. (He left when she was 3) Siblings: Christopher, her brother who is younger than her bye 3 years. Personality: Loud, crazy, outgoing, tomboyish, tough, psychotic. Hobbies: Roller derby, acting. Accessories: Her roller derby helmet which she wears often even when not playing it, along with her knee pads and shoulder pads, also she wears her roller derby uniform too for no reason, her helmet is a crimson color with SPARKLES :D and her name written in a graffiti on the side, also a diamond necklace in the shape of brass knuckles. Likes: Her kids of course, he mom, Summer (Not the season, but she likes it too XD), Miya, Izzabelle, acting, music, animals, breaking stuff, destruction, explosions :D, llamas with hats (OHOHOH), narwhales, unicorns, robot unicorn attack, video games, adventure time, ferrets, FilmCow videos, colors, neon colors, colorful stuff, rainbows, vintage stuff, roller derby, helmets. Dislikes: Fathers day, dark colors, things in black in white. Occupation: Actress/Dancer. Crush: Oh yes. Boyfriend: In rp she has one. Husband: Not yet. Kids: Camille (Daughter, rped by me) Carter (Son, rped by Bloodynightpack) Story: She was born with hair almost white, her eyes were also an extreme light blue color, the nurses didn't want her mom to take her home because they thought she was so adorable. She wasn't very talented when she was a child, but she got in many fights with other kids and always ended up winning the fights. Her other only talent was acting. When she was 3 she witnessed the fight that caused her parents to separate. They were only boyfriend and girlfriend. The reason they got in a fight is because Carries mother, Victoria, was pregnant with her Carries little brother Chris. That year, Carrie had also met her arch-rival, Annabeth. Her mother was a doctor AND a lawyer, and her father owned a hotel business, so she always got what she wanted. Annabeth was actually jealous of Carrie, she wanted a simple life. Around when she met Annabeth, was when her parents split up so she was always in an aggressive mood. When Annabeth tried to become friends with her when they met in preschool, Carrie just ignored her. Annabeth kept trying and after awhile she just told her to "Go away." and that she didn't want to be friends, ever. Annabeth was upset, but still wanted to be friends, after a couple more failed attempts to become friends, Carrie just lost it. The next time Annabeth approached her, she attacked her. She actually left scars on Annabeth, and they were both 3 year olds. Later that year, Carries mom had Christopher, he looked a lot like Carrie, only in the face though. His hair was a bit darker blond, like a dirty blond, and his eyes were brown like her dads. But she loved him, a lot. A couple months later, she met a girl who would grow to be one of her best friends. Her name was Summer (Actually, she met her after getting in a fight when they're teens, but ignore that, I'm changing it). Summer had moved to Carrie's street and was going to her school, they were even in the same class. On Carries birthday (September 11th, yes, its September 11th) she met a girl who was just a couple days younger than her, her name was Izzabelle. (Pretend she wasn't a wolf in a past life, I'm not changing it, but theres gonna be something else) They too began to be best friends. Now, they were a group of three best friends, and next year, they met another young girl, who was actually in 1st grade (Although they were the same age, she was seriously advanced in learning) named Miya. The group of girls were a...odd variety. Yet they all had something in common, acting. Although once they got older, they all had different dreams than becoming actresses, they had excellent acting schools, and their true dream was being actresses, although they didn't realize it. Once the girls were all 7, Carrie had become fond of an odd sport, roller derby. That soon became her dream. Izzabelle had much vanity, or pride, and always was doing her makeup and hair, even when she was 7, her main hobby was playing the drums, and she wanted to be a model (Vanity: The need to be more attractive than others). Miya's role model was Carrie's mother (Because he mom is a doctor), because she wanted to be a doctor, or teacher, or lawyer, or collage professor. Summer loved playing hockey, and winter sports, and hated when people reminded her of her name, 'Summer'. When they were 10, Carrie had broken her arm, for the 18th time in her life, along with her leg and was even hospitalized (Roller derby is hardcore) And Summer was suffering with a broken leg as well (So is hockey) Izzabelle was actually offered to be in a band because of her drumming skills, but she turned the offer down. Carrie and her 'Girls' as she called them, began staring in plays at the age of 11 and at the age of 14 they enter middle school and Carrie became president of the drama club, along with her vice presidents, Miya, Izzabelle and Summer. Annabeth was still bothering her and they became major enemies, now she regret wanting a simple life, and used her money to make everyone feel like garbage. Seriously, everyone hated her, they weren't even jealous of her, she was like the antichrist of the school and she didn't have a group of snobby friends to be her evil sidekicks, that's how much people hated her. When the girls became 15, they heard what was going on. A famous movie producer was coming to Ohio (Ohio was where they lived) to find the next top actresses (Sound familiar?) Although Carrie didn't want to, the three other girls wanted to audition, and talked her into auditioning. Surprisingly, they made it. Their whole life changed in a night. They were now famous actresses but they still didn't follow their other dreams. That is their TV show bios, if you're guessing, in my crazy mind, these girls are actually a TV show. Its basically another show, its like the show Big Time Rush, but with girls, who are actresses. All the girls are pretty much the same as the guys on that show, its basically a female version. Of course, the girls aren't real, this is just an imaginary show that's a 'Rip off' female version of that show. Carrie's theme song (This is new, I'm gonna make up a theme song for all the girls): Your love is my drug, and F***ing Perfect. Name in the show: Carrie Rail (Her name and weight and height is all the same, and that story is the same as well, but she has no kids and her boyfriends name is Charlie in the show and hes a singer. Bloodynightpack, I'm not saying this is anything in rp, all her stuff in rp is the same, this is all her tv show stuff. She has the same mom and friends and brother and everything, I just gotta make them, I've already mad Izzabelle and Miya and Summer and Victoria, I gotta make Chris and Charlie. But in the show shes 15.)
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