Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry Werewolf
Ecco il trailer/Here's the trailer: E la trama/And the plot When 16-year-old Loren (Nina Dobrev) and her family greet a new neighbor, a good-looking single guy and his dog, she senses something mysterious and dangerous about him. Her suspicions become further aroused when some of the locals begin disappearing one by one. As Loren becomes obsessed with her neighbor's behavior, she is unaware that he is monitoring her just as closely as a hungry wolf stalking its prey at night. Because Loren reminds her neighbor of his young and deceased wife, he claims her as his territory and bites her friend Steven, who seems to be close to her. With the help of local TV hunting show personality Redd Tucker (Kevin Sorbo) and a delivery boy with a secret crush on attractive Loren, the unlikely trio prepare for a full-moon showdown against an immortal creature with insatiable bloodlust. Jared also has Loren's brother locked inside a freezer. It's her brothers life for hers. It starts out at night a mysterious fog is coming down the street Loren lives on. All the dogs in the neighborhood are barking. Then it cuts to a werewolf. He hangs a sex offender and takes the skin from his neck to make a charm so he can transform into a wolf whenever he wants to. The scene cuts to next morning and Loren is headed out the door for school. She and her brother Kyle stop in front of Jared, their new neighbor's house. They see his bike parked out front and his black dog in the back of his truck. Then Loren's friend Angie pulls up in her mom's old car, which is now hers and asks Loren about her new neighbor. As they are talking Jared appears by his front door. Angie and Loren drive off to school leaving Kyle behind. Jared offers Kyle a ride to school. Once at school Loren and Angie notice a group of people gathered around something so they go and see Jared and Kyle arriving on Jared's bike. Jared shakes Loren's hand. Loren and Angie then walk towards the school. Angie says that Jared is "totally scoping you out" and Loren says he has hairy palms. Loren keeps hearing Jared's voice in her head saying Melissa. Then at supper time Loren's mom sends Loren over to Jared's to tell Kyle it is time to eat. Kyle has taken a liking to Jared and is helping him fix up the house he just bought. Loren knocks on the door but no one answers, so she lets herself in. She calls for Kyle and Jared's black dog shows up behind her barking. Loren backs towards the stairs and Jared comes down and tells his dog Loren is welcome here. The dog quiets right away, as if it understands Jared. Jared starts talking to Loren, and again she hears his voice in her head, saying Melissa. Kyle come down the stairs and he and Loren leave for supper. When they are gone Jared turns to his dog and says, "She's hot, isn't she?" Later that night Loren takes the telescope from her brother's room and places it at her window, which gives her a great view of Jared's house. She sees Jared in the shower, he gets out, and shaves his palms. Then he turns and looks right at Loren. She backs away from the telescope and Jared turns out the light in his bathroom, but his eyes glow. Then later Loren sees Jared leave on his bike. While watching TV in her room she hears his bike come back and she gets up and goes to her window. Jared has a girl with him. Jared and the girl go up to his room and Loren watches as they kiss. Jared turns out the light and Loren hears a growl, followed by a scream, then all is silent. The next moring Loren sees on TV that the sex offender is dead and there is a missing girl, who looks just like the one Jared brought home last night. Loren thinks Jared is a werewolf so she goes online and finds that all the things werewolfs have that Jared seems to have. So that night when Angie comes over Loren tells her about Jared. They make an call to the police, and later they see a police car drive by. Angie gets a call from her boyfriend Guy and leaves Loren alone, though Loren has asked her to stay because she is scared. Loren notices that Jared has left so she sneaks into his house through a window in his basement. Inside she finds a freezer with a lock on it. Upstairs in his kitchen she finds a pot of stew with a eyeball floating in it. Then Jared's bike pulls into his driveway and he is with another girl. As Jared unlocks the front door Loren quickley writes something on the wall in Jared's kitchen, then runs back down to the basement. Jared and the girl come inside and Jared lets his dog into the basement. It grabs Loren's pant leg, but she makes it out the window. Back upstairs Jared turns back to the girl in his kitchen. She looks startled and scared and runs out the front door screaming at Jared. Jared goes back into the kitchen and above the door in spary paint are the words He Will Kill You. Jared yells and Loren safe in her bedroom hears it.
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mitikamiley sagt:

Vor 3405 Tage
wow è bellissimo il trailer ^.^

il blingee è stupendo ;D


°°Shy°° sagt:

Vor 3413 Tage
wow è fantastico!! **
ke belli stap ke hai usato! perfetti insime!
5* meritate!!!! ^^
p.s. ma è un nuovo film con Nina?

Mennyna sagt:

Vor 3414 Tage

SILVIA.09 sagt:

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