Lola the Cat's bio

Lola the Cat's bio
[There are 2 reasons I made this: #1.I WAS BORED!!! XD & #2.I WANT U GUYS 2 KNOW ABOUT ME BETTER OK??] ~Full Name:Lorianis Ortiz/~Nicknames:Lola,Lori,Kitty/~Age:18/~Bithday:May 28/~She is:Puerto Rican/~Speeks:Spanish,English,Japanesse,Greek & Arabian/~Gender:Female/~Relative:Lorna the Cat (death mother),Gary the Demon Hedgehog(she still dosn't know that he's part demon),Gloria the Hedgecat(younger sister) & Jenny the Hedgehog(baby sister./~Powers:Fire,Claws,Levitation and Sword/~Attire:Gray suit with black jacket,a long glove on left hand & a blue bracelet on right hand, long black boots & dark red earphones(sometimes,when she listens music)/~Apperience:Dark brown furr,short hair with a centered hair on front with blue tips,light brown eyes,long tail & long eyelashes/~Likes:Basketball,playing PlayStation3,Halloween,Action & Comedy moveis,making pranks at her friends,listening music on her MP3 player & watching Justin Bieber parody on YouTube/~Dislikes:Pink,Eggman,Sonamy haters,Romantic movies,people that only care about money,Justin Bieber,being forced 2 do something she dosn't likes,when people borrow her stuff withoug permission,when boys tell her that she's hot & taking pictures/~Favorite food:Cupcakes!!!/~Favorite drink:Vanilla-Falovered Volka/~Favorite color(s):Blue,Purple,Black,Red & Yellow/~Catch frases:"CHIMICHANGA!!!" "CUPCAKES!!! X3" "EH?" "SAY WHAT?!?" "UHHH,MEOW??"/~Theme song:Like a G6 by Far East Movement/~Crush:Teal(^//^)/~Children:None/~Profile:Lola is one of the most mature girls you've ever meet,that's until she starts playing on her PlayStation with the guys.She is very alert and responsive,as she constantly cares about the environment.She really can't stop listening to music,so if U see her with her earphones on,U can't control her crazyness!!!She love to hear metal rock music,oh,& Vocaloid song.She had a really bloody past,but hey,that's from the past!!!She's pretty a tomboy,but she still as a soft spot for her friends & family.She as tremendous love for live,and knows how to have fun being a basketball player she is.Anyways,she also as a bad adittud,she dosn't like to beig bodered when she listening to music and she hates Justin Bieber!!!When she gets mad,she constantly uses bad words all the time,but that's just part of her personality DON'T WORRY!!!
erstellt von: kokoro498

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Awsome_girl31... sagt:

Vor 2632 Tage
thts soooo cool you are great. im new on blingee so comment me bak???? please? well nice pic!!! xD

AngelTheHedgegog sagt:

Vor 3288 Tage
nice boots-Angel

Karin-sama sagt:

Vor 3288 Tage
kawaii XD

shawnic sagt:

Vor 3289 Tage
Teal:*Drools and blushes*You Look Hot

Blingeerahhhh sagt:

Vor 3289 Tage
cool 5*

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