(This message was taken from hoholly's forum to spread the word. All credit goes to them.) If anybody gets an email saying this (below) Delete It and **Do Not Reply To It!!!** ~Hello (user name), we are updating Howrse for the new version and if you want to keep playing we will need you to send us your user name and password. Thank you, The Howrse Team~ If you see this in your mail box; **Don't Reply to It!!** The bottom of the letter will say "The Howrse Team" or something similar, but the PM was sent by an actual player. I don't know the name, but this player has several accounts created just to send out these false PM's in hopes of tricking innocent players into handing over their password. The player then hacks into the new account and deletes it. Why they do this We'll never know, but if one of these messages is sent to you, you need to forward it to a mod ASAP! Howrse will N.E.V.E.R. ask you for your password. If a PM is sent to you by someone claiming to be a mod, admin, or anyone else connected with running this site, always check the profile and user name or forward them to a mod. That is all, always be on alert and never be afraid of checking with a mod to be sure about things. Please post this in your EC and tell everyone you can about it. Spread the word!!!iper

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